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  • Broken Arrow
    Bonsoir Renard,

    may you have a good time here.

    There is a lot to learn here and initiate thinking about many issues.

    The route is the goal.

    May you never reach the end of trail in learning.

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  • Renard
    Hello Broken Arrow,

    I just registered, just as you did.

    I'm European too, from France, so we are not so far from each other - and by the way, I speak German too.

    I joined the forum to know more about the Native American culture and way of life.

    And let me tell you it is not because it would be "funny" or "exotic", but just because it is for me the primordial people of America, who has a culture and history much older (and for me deeper) than the USA.

    Hope we'll have an occasion to exchange our views and get to know one other.

    Bis zum nächsten mal!

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  • Broken Arrow
    started a topic Hello from Germany

    Hello from Germany

    As new members introduce themselves here, so do I. In what follows, I talk to much but talking to each other is what we do here.

    English is not my mother tongue and it often will be difficult to explain thoughts in English because I think in my mother tongue and English words might have slightly different meanings than their German equivalent. When it comes to emotional issues the difficulty increase a lot more.

    I am a white man and here is a lot of talk about blood quantum. I live in a region, which was for more than ten thousand years a crossroad for people wandering from north to south and east to west and vice versa.

    I am what I am in my heart and much of that is achieved by education in the culure I live in, others by learning about other ways and deciding what feels right or wrong to adopt to. And there are emotions in ones heart which aren’t explained by rational reasons. It is simply there because it was given by the Lord, creator of World.

    I do not want to dance, sing, beat the drum on pow wows or participate in ceremonies unless I would be invited to do so by a person who is entitled to invite me. I think, such an invitation is an honor which is to be accepted in order to honor the person who offered the invitation. I would visit pow wows to watch and learn and enjoy it.

    There is a thread about the obsession of white people to be ndn’s and imitating them. When I was a young boy, between six and twelve years we played cowboy and Indian. I preferred to be the “Indian” not because there was a rational reason but it was a feeling by heart which I did not question as boy but I took as being naturally given. Getting older the education in the surrounding culture eroded those emotions away.

    Becoming many years older, the past began surfacing again now with the wish to learn and understand native Americans and their way of live in the past and today. This requires to get rid of all the wrong views. Not an easy thing to do. That is a learning process.

    As there are over 500 tribes in North America, I am for personal reasons some I might explain, some not, interested in the culture, history and crafts of the Sicangu, Hunkpapa and Oglala. Among the reasons why I am interestd in that tribes are the books of Joseph Marshall II “A Hundred in the Hand” and “Large Knives are Crying” and Ohiyesa’s book an “Indian Boyhood”.

    I like stories as stories connect us to our past and tell us where we come from and tell us lessions to be learned. I value Joseph Marshalls Prologue and Epilogue as his personal stories shared to teach a lesson of its own to the reader very much.

    When I subscribed to this forum, I wanted to use my first real name but as expected, it is already in use by someone else. Therefore, I was forced to find another name and choose the one, which connects me with my bows and arrows and represents a story, which I might tell one day.

    What I really like is beadwork. It is just beautiful . I read a reprint of “Sioux Quill and Beadwork” and some Books published by Eagle View and Dover Books about beadwork. To learn beading by doing patterns in the book is possible. Beading has special meaning to me. What comes much harder is to design own patterns which are traditional but not copies of existing beadwork.

    In short I am here to read and learn and may ask some questions when in need of guidance to go along further.

Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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