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Seeking advice on safe packaging/traveling with legal eagle regalia

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  • Seeking advice on safe packaging/traveling with legal eagle regalia

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. Not quite sure where to ask this question so trying the off topic section. How do you all safely package up your fans, bustles etc for cramped car travel? I have only used my regalia close to home, with plenty of room in my car. But now am going a distance with others and trying to figure out how to squeeze things in without damaging anything.

    I should be able to figure this out; but right now I am stumped, so any suggestions appreciated.


    Red Thunder

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    Are these painted/dyed reproductions or am I misunderstanding? Legal Eagle was a name for a line a reproductions.


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      Didn't know there was such a thing as a reproduction line called legal eagle. Guess I am out of the loop. I have lived on the other side of the digital divide for decades. So am not online much.

      I am talking about authentic, legally acquired eagle parts, with permits. I was trying to make a shortcut label to indicate that.

      I just spent all morning trying to find appropriate sized plastic boxes/ suitcases to fit things in that were not gigantic. Was thinking I would have to manufacture my own reinforced cardboard type containers; but thought others might have some helpful hints on this.


      Red Thunder


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        Those foam cardboard panel artists use (OLC knows what its called). Cut two pieces to hold whatever feathers you want to keep from being damaged. Put holes on three holes on one side and put a strip of leather to hinge the pieces. Other side has couple holes on each piece. Tie leather pieces in each hole and make a bow tie there. You can make pieces to fit your bustle, fan and roach feathers into a suitcase.

        Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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          Foam core

          Kewl. I've used cardboard on fans and plumes, but the foam core would be cleaner.

          I asked about the painted replicas because the paint on the rachis ruchis rubs off on the cardboard. Once upon a time I made a fan for a guy, who wasn't enrolled. His feathers were hand-painted. I had to play some games to ship it without damage. I got it to him OK. Then a few months later, I saw him at a dance. White bars up the feathers - yuck. He was sandwiching it between cardboard sheets.
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            Thanks very much to you both. The foam board protector sounds perfect, better than cardboard.

            And thanks too for the info about painted feathers. I know folks who have them and will give then a heads up about the potential for the paint to rub off.


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