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    Dyson V10 Performance Review: How This Incredible Machine Works

    The Dyson V10 is one of the Top 10 vacuum cleaners on the market with phenomenal suction power. There is a reason that experts often compare the performances of top models with that of the V10. But are its cleaning results really as amazing as it sounds? Let's find out.

    How does the Dyson V10 work?

    Primary cleaning mechanism

    This Dyson vacuum cleaner uses just one primary cleaning method. However, it implements this mechanism in different ways. Customers have the option to choose one of many cleaning modes that the Dyson V10 offers.

    The main cleaning style is using a strong suction with its two-stage filtration system. Known for its advanced radical cyclonic filters, it can help protect your family from bad effects caused by poor air quality.

    Although these two factors - powerful suction and effective filtration system - do not change between cleaning modes, how it can deal with different types of floors and areas varies.

    Cleaning heads

    You can use one from these two main types:

    Soft roller: This type of cleaning head is more suitable for hard surfaces, including hardwood floors. It comes with a soft rolling pad, which can deliver a polished result when picking up debris and dirt. You can have peace of mind since it will not scratch and damage your hardwood floors.

    Motorized brush roll: Using a more traditional mechanism, it can clean your carpets effectively. It has many firm bristles along with the brush roll, which will lift all the dirt on the surfaces.

    Different settings for different cleaning needs

    Every cleaning situation is different. And to attain the best results as possible, you need to choose the right tool and adjust the correct settings for it.

    In this case, the motorized brush roll of the Dyson V10 has three suction power levels, from maximum to minimum. You can switch between them by the control right on the top of the cleaning head itself Best home vacuum cleaner.

    To extend the cleaning capabilities of the V10 further, Dyson also provides several attachments, which either come in the box or you can buy them from its official store.

    Performances on different types of floors

    Hardwood floors

    Dyson promises a "crazy" performance on hardwood floors, and the V10 can really deliver that promise. You can have a near 100% cleaning result when it comes to sugar, kitty litter, or cereal on hardwood surfaces.

    But in the case of cereal, many tests and real-life usages have pointed out that, sometimes, the V10 has a small issue. Though it can indeed remove almost cereal debris, when you use it to clean a large quantity of cereal in a short period of time, the V10 tends to have a small clog.

    But this abnormal phenomenon does not happen so often. So just be sure, remember not attempt to clean a large pile of cereal quickly with the V10, and you'll be fine.

    Low-pile carpets

    This vacuum cleaner also deals with low-pile carpets pretty well from our tests. For example, you just need to use the normal power and medium suction cleaning mode to pick up to 99% of debris from your carpets.

    High-pile carpets

    You can also expect an incredible performance in high-pile carpets as well. The Dyson V10, one of the top-rated vacuums, can clean almost 100% sugar, kitty litter, cereal, and 99% rice from high-pile carpets. But this time, you do need to make some adjustments related to your vacuum's settings.

    Dyson recommends that you use a low level of suction while cleaning large debris. So, for cereal, you should select the lower suction power. But for other types of debris, you can use the strongest option as usual to save time.


    With its powerful suction and various attachments, the Dyson V10 can help you clean most types of debris on different surfaces. Though there are recommended tools and settings you need to learn to adapt to your cleaning needs, the V10 has proved that it's What is the best vacuum cleaner - Top rated vacuum cleaner reviews.
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