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    My kids tell me it is polite to say hello on this thing.
    I have already posted on some threads. Boy, some of you folks are some kinda way.(and you spell things funny too) But I guess that is the idea; talk and opinions. So anyways... hello. I am not anything special, but I have danced a long time, both powow's and stompdance. . So anyone out there old enough to remember Craterville powow in the 50's? My folks were crafts people and made lots of things for church (tipi) and dancing so maybe I can help with that or something. Any way, every few days maybe I"ll put my two cents in.
    My bark is worse than my bite

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    hewow u b me fen


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        You guys don't waste words.
        Last edited by storm; 01-21-2004, 11:40 AM.
        My bark is worse than my bite


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          Welcome Newbie :Wave :agree?: Happy Postings to ya ;)
          *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


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            Welcome!!! You'll soon be fluent in the lingo;)
            "Do you love me because I am beautiful or am I beautiful because you love me?" ~Cinderella
            Obsession is an action word...
            "I !!! and all things PINK!!!
            This is for you Prince Charming....
            Make Love :KISS001: not war..... :war00000:


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              Now what... If the wife knows I'm talking to young things on this she is gonna clobber me with the keyboard.. Good thing she can't use this computer any better than me...
              My bark is worse than my bite


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                :Chatter Hey, my god u r old! Just kiddin'. Yeah my boy is 7 and wants to dance, he wants to do grass dancin' My ex in laws in AZ are helping with his outfit but I don't really know what I should be doing, it's not like I can take him to the local rec center and sign him up for lessons. What would u suggest wise one?:Angel2 :D ;)


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                  All of us, and probably all of us (being native), went through hard times some way. Take me for example, currently, I don't have a home(my friends), my parents are addicts(drugs&alcohol), and food comes rationed. I was wonderin about other people's hard times? How you got around it and survived...
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                  Well, as if I don't have enough other projects going right now I have decided to try my hand at silverwork. I have a ton of it that I need for new dance clothes for my family so I figured I should see if I am any good at it. I have been picking up a few tools and am waiting on some sheet metal to arrive...
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                  Want to share... get feedback or ask for help on writing?

                  Letz do it :-)

                  My 1st contribution, just to get things started...
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