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The Rooster & The Cat!

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  • little wolf
    I bet your fun to party with! You do have good jokes!!

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  • ndn_pride
    crazy but true

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  • Thumper
    let's be clear in this.... it wasn't the chickens' fault that it was satisfied and the kitty was wet............

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  • Ginger
    Your welcome :) :curtainca
    :blushing: awe shucks your making me blush

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  • Thumper
    these are the kind of jokes that i've come to expect from you
    :taunting: :blushing:

    your jokes never disappoint!!!!
    that's mighty bun-bun of you!!!!!!!!!

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  • nt_inuk
    dang woman ... ty for the lol

    Originally posted by Ginger
    The Moral of the Story: For every satisfied c"ock, there's a wet p"ussy!

    ty for the lol

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  • Ginger
    started a topic The Rooster & The Cat!

    The Rooster & The Cat!

    A rooster is walking along one day when he comes to a riverbank with a big
    bag of cat food beside it. Uninterested in the bag, he looks over to the
    other side and sees a huge bag of chicken feed which instantly makes his
    mouth water. Beside the bag of feed is a small cat that is hungrily eyeing
    the cat food on his side.

    The two look at each other and wonder what to do. The rooster says, "I
    know, if we run & jump high enough we should be able to make it to the
    other side."

    The cat responds "OK, let's give it a try"

    The rooster heads back about 15 feet, makes a run for it and jumps as high
    as he can. He flaps his wings like crazy and just makes it to the bag and
    starts devouring the chicken feed.

    The cat, now more motivated than ever, heads back about 20 feet and makes
    a run for it. He jumps, and SPLASH! He lands right in the middle of the

    The Moral of the Story:

    For every satisfied c"ock, there's a wet p"ussy!

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