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hey! Dat1ndnguy!~This is 4 you-and everyone in general

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  • hey! Dat1ndnguy!~This is 4 you-and everyone in general

    okay, i only posted this because my Hubz AND my Yahoo are not working. but anywayz! Dat1ndnguy, know how i was talking to you on hubz last night and then i said im leaving cuz i have to fix my printer and print my english report????
    well i had to end up restarting the computer cuz it crashed and guess what? I did not save my report! Im such an idiot!!!!! i had to spend the rest of the night typing it again.

    Well i thought you'd think that was funny. Now everyone has had a good laugh!
    "GAZ!!....Taste Me I'm Delicious!!!"

    *1 Hour Later*

    "STILL DELICIOUS!! Nobody should be THIS DELICIOUS!!"

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    Rotfl. So funny!


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