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  • Riddles!!

    1. Cathy has six pairs of black gloves and six pairs of brown gloves in her drawer. In complete darkness, how many gloves must she take from the drawer in order to be sure to get a pair that match? Think carefully!!

    2. Mom, Dad, and 2 kids have come to a river, and they find a boat. It is small and can only carry one adult or 2 kids at a time. Both kids are good rowers, but how can the whole family reach the other side of the river?

    3. Why can't you take a picture of a Indian woman with hair curlers?

    4. What is the largest possible number you can write using only 2 digits - just 2 digits, nothing else?

    5. Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the tallest mountain in the world?

    6. Because cigars cannot be entirely smoked, a hobo who collects cigar butts can make a cigar to smoke out of every 5 butts that he finds. Today, he has collected 25 cigar butts. How many cigars will he be able to smoke?

    7. Jenn is facetious. She is also abstemious. She gets pneumonia. Given those clues, what is the only American tree she will like?

    8. How many birth days does the average man have?

    9. Someone at a party introduces you to your mother's only sister's husband's sister in law. He has no brothers. What do you call this lady?

    10. Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of gold?

    11. Two planes take off at the same exact moment. They are flying across the Atlantic. One leaves New York and is flying to Paris at 500 miles per hour. The other leaves Paris and is flying to New York at only 450 miles per hour ( because of a strong head wind ). Which one will be closer to Paris when they meet?

    12. A carpenter was in a terrible hurry. He had to work as quickly as possible to cut a very heavy 10 foot plank into 10 equal sections. If it takes 1 minute per cut, how long will it take him to get the 10 equal pieces?

    13. Why are 1898 silver dollars worth more than 1897 silver dollars?

    14. What English word can have 4 of its 5 letters removed and still retain it's original pronunciation?

    15. Johnny's mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May. What was the third child's name?

    16. In your sock drawer, you have a ratio of 5 pairs of blue socks, 4 pairs of brown socks, and 6 pairs of black socks. In complete darkness, how many socks would you need to pull out to get a matching pair of the same color?

    17. How can a woman living in New Jersey, legally marry 3 men, without ever getting a divorce, be widowed, or becoming legally separated?

    18. A woman goes into a hardware store to buy something for her house. When asked the price, the clerk replies, "the price of one is twelve cents, the price of forty-four is twenty-four cents, and the price a hundred and forty-four is thirty-six cents. What does the woman want to buy?

    19. If there are 5 apples on the counter and you take away 2, how many do you have?

    20. If, having only one match, on a freezing winter day, you entered a room which contained a lamp, a kerosene heater, and a wood burning stove, which should you light first.

    The Answer is:
    1. 13. She could possibly take out 6 black left hand gloves and then 6 brown left hand gloves, the next one would have to be either the right hand or left hand match.

    2. The kids row across. One comes back. An adult goes over, and the kid comes back. Both kids row across again, and one comes back. The other adult rows across and the kid comes back. Both kids row across again.

    3. You can't take a picture with hair curlers you need a camera!

    4. 99, this is 9x9x9x9x9x9x9x9x9 or 387,420,489. 5. Mount Everest has always been the tallest mountain, even before being discovered!

    6. 6, he makes 5 originals from the 25 butts he found, and after he smokes them he has 5 butts left for another cigar.

    7. The Sequoia. She only likes words with all 5 vowels in them. The Sequoia is the only American tree that contains all 5 vowels. Michael also notes: Also, the Sequoia is not the only North American tree with all five vowels. The Southern Magnolia, Quaking Aspen, Russian-Olive (which is in North America), and Euphorbia (it might) all have all five vowels too and are North American. I admit that the Southern Magnolia and Quaking Aspen are two words, and the Russian-Olive has a hyphen, but I see no reason for not including the Euphorbia. I hope that you at least mention these in the answers for the logic riddles. 8. One, he may have many Birthdays, but only one birth day! 9. Mother, or Mom, or whatever you call your maternal relative. 10. The answer is actually feathers. We need proof though! AND SO: From Joni- One pound of feathers is more than one pound of gold because the "pound" unit is different. The most commonly used system of weights in the US and Great Britain is the avoirdupois system, where 1 pound = 16 ounces. This is used for most solid objects, except for precious metals and gems; gold is weighed by a special system, called the troy system, where one troy pound = 12 troy ounces. Where one avoirdupois ounce is 28.35 grams, one troy ounce is about 31.10 grams. To convert from avoirdupois pounds to troy pounds, multiply the first by 1.2152 to get its equivalent in troy measurement. Therefore, one "pound" of feathers in troy weight is actually 1.2152 pounds (one avoirdupois pound), compared to one troy pound of gold. And the feathers win. Thanks Joni!! 11. They will both be the same distance from Paris when they meet!! *See note below!

    12. 9 minutes. It only takes 9 cuts to get 10 equal sections.

    13. $1,898.00 is one more silver dollar than $1,897.00

    14. Queue and thanks to some of our visitors here is another answer: aitch - take away the aitc and you are left with "h".

    15. It has to be Johnny. He's the third child!

    16. 4. If you don't agree, try it yourself!

    17. It's her job, she's a Justice of the Peace or a Minister.

    18. House numbers.

    19. You have 2 apples. There are 3 left on the counter, but you have 2.

    20. The match of course!

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