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You're a Navajo Gangster if......

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  • You're a Navajo Gangster if......

    70 Reasons you are a Navajo Gangster.
    You are a Navajo Gangster if...

    1. Your pants hang lower than your Cheii's pants.

    2. The bottom of your pants are muddy.

    3. You have piss spots from the party last night on your brand new Jordan's.

    4. You carry a cell phone but you hitchhike.

    5. The got your cell phone free cuz' your kids are on access

    6. You dress your 6 month old baby like you.

    7. You dress better than your significant other.

    8. You wear winter coats on the hot summer rez days.

    9. Your shades are pitch black!

    10. You refer your Hogan as your pad!

    11. You think living big is living with your parents in an NHA house!

    12. if you refer the NHA sub-divisions as the "hood"

    13. If you worship the following: Tupac, Notorius BIG, Michael Jordan,
    50 Cent, & Eminem.

    14. If you have the movie "8 Mile"

    15. If you have the movies "The fast and the furious 1 & 2"

    16. If you listen to "tribal live"

    17. If you think the members of tribal live are cute.

    18. If you ever attended a hip-hop dance at the local chapter house.

    19. If you met your significant other at the following Navajo Rapper hangouts: Shalimar, Classact, Cowboy's, American Bar, Esquires, OP's, Sagebrush.

    20. You cruz' your parents ride back and forth at Rio West Mall.

    21. You ask your parents and your grandparents for gas money to cruz around.

    22. You think Phoenix is the same as Los Angeles.

    23. If you ever cruzed Midnight Rodeo in Phoenix.

    24. If you called your buddy on your cell phone to give you a ride to Phoenix to watch the high school basketball games in March, but you really went cuz you knew Midnight was going to be packed.

    26. You were caught for DWI but your father, the Navajo Nation President, wiped the incident clean.

    28. If you call your buddies "nigga"

    29. If you call your buddies "homie"

    30. If you call your buddies "dog"

    31. If you do your famous hand shakes after every little joke you make.

    32. If you do your famous hand shake every time you meet your "nigga".

    33. If you color coordinate your clothes with your "Homies".

    34. If you tried to run over a dog with your little euro mud bogging car.

    35. If you try to make your parents car like the cars seen in the "fast and the furious".

    36. You are in a gang.

    37. Your gang tags on rocks, trees, and just about anything.

    38. If your parents are baby sitting for you every weekend while you booze it.

    39. If you had a baby a month ago and are expecting again.

    40. If you drink 40's, even though you know it taste like ****!

    41. You smoke Newports cigarettes.

    42. You spend you money on clothes with the following brand: Nike, Fubu, Addidas, Tommy, etc.....

    43. You spend hundreds of dollars on new jordans.

    44. You wear "cool water" cologne.

    45. You "bass it" on your way to the local rodeo event.

    46. You look for chics at the Navajo Nation Fair.

    47. You got into a fight at the fair for hitting on a chic that had a baby a month ago that you knocked up that evening you met!

    48. If you persuade your grandparents to buy a Cadillac Escalade so you can cruz' it around Shalimar.

    49. If you are 35 years old and dress like a 16 year old.

    50. If your parents are buying your 35 year old *** the clothes.

    51. If you are getting offended by reading thru this letter.

    52. If you are disagreeing with this letter.

    53. If you dress like a cowboy and change back into your gangster clothes as soon as the rodeo was over.

    54. If you dress like a gangster but just came from a heavy metal concert.

    55. If you have the hair cut known as "the fade".

    56. If you are a student of Window Rock, Tuba City, Kayenta, Gallup, Chinle, Ganado High School.

    57. If your mother/father is having an affair with a tribal employee or co-worker and is causing you to get in trouble.

    58. If you talk **** and throw gang signs to animals.

    59. If you tell your homies that you busted a cap in a skin walker just last week.

    60. Have been caught for DWI for more than 5 times and your parent, the counsel man, still lets you take his escalade out on the weekends and gives you money that you said was for your kid's new clothes.

    61. Your kids have different fathers/mothers.

    62. You spend your un-employment checks on beer.

    63. If you and your cousin are in different gangs.

    64. You talked **** to your cousin at the squaw dance for being in the other gang.

    65. If you pawned your parents jewelry.

    66. If you think your still sexxxy even when you are 9 months pregnant.

    67. If you don't know who you are pregnant for.

    68. If you rap with Navajo language.

    69. You worship TUPAC, Michael Jordan, Eniem, but don't know who Narbona, Mariano Martinez, Carballos Largos, Hastiin God', Haske Nee Nii, Biishghaan Neezi, Barboncito, Armijo, Herrero, Manuelito, GanadoMuchos, and all other Navajo Chiefs are.

    70. You don't know what year the treaty was signed but you know what year Tupac died.

    Sad, but true...
    Roses are Red
    Violets der really blue
    Southern Xtreme ur much sweeter than mutton stew

    You asked me whose life was more important- yours or mine and I answered "mine" ; you walked away angry not knowing that you are my life


  • #2
    Hey, I didn't know I was a Navajo Gangsta.....kewl..

    ...that's so, so true...


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