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  • Aphrodisiac Joke Of The Day

    for today's Soupy special joke:
    An old guy is sitting on the park bench....and he sees one of his buddies, who he used to see every day....but has been missing lately...
    so he asks...'where have you been' and the 2nd guy says 'I discovered a new secret....if you eat Pumpernickel get an enormous hard on.....and can make love like when you were a teen'...
    'so....I've been busy making love to my wife 4 or 5 times each day'
    the first guy says...'Really!! pumpernickel bread?? how much does it cost? and the first guy says, 'I buy the day old or two bread and not the fresh...'
    so the first guy doesn't really believe it, since he's old and never heard of this....and after a while, he starts walking home thru town so on his way, he passes a bakery....and his curiousity gets he walks in, and says, How much is Pumpernickel bread for 2 or 3 loaves?
    and the lady says 'fresh baked, it costs 2.50 per loaf...'
    and the old guy says...what if I eat the day or two old kind?
    and the lady says: It'll get hard faster
    and the old guy yells out: *drum roll*

    'Damnit how come everybody knows about this but me!!!! '

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    I'll have to remember that whenst I get older....
    A tater tot is worth a thousand fries.


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