We have been stereotyped as hairy, beetle-browed, stoop-shouldered, bent-kneed,
dimwitted, club-wielding, grunting, subhuman troglodytes whose idea of courtship was
to bludgeon our sweethearts over the head with a club, and drag them into the caves
where we (allegedly) used to live by the hair. Well, this stereotype, like other racist
stereotypes, has to go. We are fully human, and have LARGER brains than most of the
other races of humans. Some of us would dearly like to sue Marcellin Ghoul--excuse
me, Boule--who did this hatchet job on us for every penny he is worth; unfortunately,
the man is long dead. Maybe he is roasting in Hell--and if he isn't, then he should be.
We are not extinct but have been living a secretive existance because of the
stereotypes and prejudice against us, But no more--we are going public.