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    skin—Indian. Used mostly among young.
    NDN, ndn—Indian. Used mostly among young and on the Internet.
    shinob, naabe—Anishinaabe Indian.
    rez rocket—reservation car, usually in need of repairs.
    rez dog—Indian who hangs around the reservation.
    rez boots—moccasins.
    rezzed out—done in true Indian style. Usage: "His NDN car is really rezzed out."
    Indian time—whenever, signifying a disregard for Anglo-style punctuality.
    moccassin telegraph—informal talk or gossip.
    commodity cheese—government surplus food given to Indians.
    commod—short for "commodity."
    frog skins—money.
    hella good—"hell of a good," or very good.
    chebon—"man." Usage: "Whassup chebon?"
    stay red—"keep it real," be true to your Indian self.
    hola—"hello," from the Lakota.
    kaw—"really" or "not even," especially on the Mohave reservation. Usage: "I heard you were snagging at the 49 the other
    night?" "Kaw, not me!"
    chooch—immature male who is acting stupid.
    49—an informal celebration at an Indian gathering such as a powwow.
    49in'—partying at a 49.
    snag—a partner for a date or a one-night stand.
    snaggin'—searching for a snag.
    teepee creeper—a person who goes from snag to snag, who "plays the field."
    fry bread girl—Indian female who eats too much.
    twink, twinki, twinkie—non-Indian who believes in New Age mysticism.
    wannabe—non-Indian who wants to become an Indian.
    plastic—fake, as in a fake medicine man or woman. Usage: "Don't waste your money on that plastic shaman."
    apple—red on the outside, white on the inside.
    coconut—brown on the outside, white on the inside.
    red nigger—someone who's too Indian to suit a non-Indian. Usage: "When a blueeyed Oglala went into a bar with his
    browneyed cousins, the bartender said, 'You can stay but your red niggers have to go outside.'"
    chief—someone who thinks he's chief but isn't. Used ironically.
    Imareala—a BIA card-carrying Native who brags about having a card and is rude to those who don't
    big warrior—someone who takes his or her role as a warrior too seriously.
    Tonto—sidekick, lackey, Indian Uncle Tom.
    FBI—"full-blooded Indian."
    NGE—"non-government enrolled." An Indian not officially a member of a federally-recognized tribe.
    blood, Aimster—member of the American Indian Movement (AIM).
    treaty talk—white man's lies.
    suits—government agents or representatives.
    feds, fibbies, Federal Bureau of Ineptitude—Federal Bureau of Investigation.
    Indian Law 101—Indian law in reality. Comes up in the context of a non-Indian lawyer who is competent but has never been
    exposed to Indian weirdness and starts prattling about the Constitution where it doesn't apply. Usage: "He was talking
    about Marbury v. Madison, so I had to give him Indian Law 101."
    Flag—Flagstaff, Arizona.


    ennit? enit? ednit? innit?—"isn't it?"
    ey, eyy, ayy
    oh ya huh
    uh huh, you say
    "Ima bust an arrow in his a$$!"
    *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet

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    More Terms

    Commodify (kah MOD if eye) uncanny ability of Indian women to
    convert the ingredients of any standard cookbook recipe to commodity
    ingredients such as powered milk, powered eggs and canned meat.

    Powwowvow (pow wow vow) the standard pledge of the pow-wow Romeo:
    "Sure, baby, I'll meet you at the next pow-wow. Your're the only
    jingle dress dancer for me. Really! Look at this face. Would I lie?"

    Moccashoe (Mock ah shoe) contemporary dancer footwear designed by
    beading the top of tennis shoes or aquasocks instead of making
    moccasins the old-fashion way.

    Skinship (SKIN-ship) the eventual relative connection that all
    Indian people, discover within 10 minutes of meeting each other.

    Indinferior (IN din FEER ee your) a manifestation of
    self-oppression; the practice of Indians looking down on other
    Indians for not speaking the language,r not being fu! ll-blood,r
    not participating in ceremonies, not living on the rez, not wearing
    braids, not dancing in pow-wows or not having--,etc.etc., blah-blah.

    DIAsease (DEE EYE AY seez) an affliction within the Department of
    Indian Affairs characterized by the inability to keep track of
    millions of dollars.

    Snaggravated (SNAG ra vayt ed) the annoying feeling one gets upon
    realizing that last night's snag isn't quite as hot in the
    light of day.

    Triballistic (tribal ISS tik) to become irrational and incoherent
    upon hearing the latest self-serving, short-sighted and illogical
    decision made by the local tribal council.

    Rezercize (REZ er size) the involuntary health regime of walking
    everywhere on the rez since your Indian car broke down for good.

    Fordrum (FORD drum) the instrument used for singing purposes when a
    regular drum is not available; usually the dented hood of a
    one-eyed Ford.

    Frybreadth (FRY bredt! h) a unit of measurement based on the standard
    size of a piece of auntie's frybread.

    AlterNative (alter NAY TIV) an individual who was born and raised in
    the non-Indian culture but recently "discovered" a "hidden" Indian
    ancestor so now uses pithy Indian phrases, assumes a name such as
    Laughing Rainbow, White Wolf or Dreams of Eagles, calls all Indian
    people Brother and Sister and wears genuine Hong Kong beadwork;
    usually found in the East and West coast region but had documented
    sighting in other regions as well.

    Councilmenopause (cown sil MEN oh paws) a disorder characterized by
    hot flashes, profuse sweating impairment of speech and loss of
    memory; normally occurs only to tribal councilmen when cornered by
    a constituent.

    Disunderstanding (DISS under stand ing) when non-Indians think that
    they understand why tribes and individual Indians are the way they
    are, but attribute any and all behavior to the culture or the race.
    *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


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      who lives in a pineapple under the sea? man i wish it was me!


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        :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :Chatter
        In Loving Memory of Allen Alberts Sr.
        March 1, 1945 to February 16, 2005
        R.I.P Daddy
        As long as you keep a person down, some part of you is down there to hold that person down. So you don't soar higher than you want.

        ~~~CutHead Band of Sioux~~~

        ~~Native Pride~~


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          Even More Terms

          Rez Rocket: def. 2, the act of bending over to pick up a rock whereupon a dog will immediately turn and run.

          Father's Day: First of the month, or whenever mom gets her cmods

          Chili and Frybread Sale: Any tribal payday or per cap day


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            Re: Even More Terms

            Originally posted by Awful_Mnom_Woman

            Chili and Frybread Sale: Any tribal payday or per cap day

            HA HA HA HAHaHA i like that one So Tru

            :lol2: :lol2:
            *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


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              Used as an add-on statement. "Just kidding." Similar
              to "I just say" and "Ennit".

              Slang for government surplus foods that are handed out on reservations. Mostly grease and starch but there's a good block of cheese included. At least before someone steals it.

              Coyote Love
              When you don't want to wake up your rugged snag, so you would rather chew your arm off as if in a trap. To get away.

              Dialect slang for "Isn't that right?"

              What my mom says when my dad gets lost. "We'll get there . . .

              Indian version of a wedgie.

              Dialect of "good".

              (Noun) Pronounced, IN-din. Indians DO NOT call each other, Native
              American. (Just in AOL chat rooms, ayye.)

              "I'm surrrrrre"
              Used like, "Whatever". when you know someone is kidding (or hope they're kidding). Klamath people's version: "Ayye, you lie". If Jim Carey was an Indian he would've said, "I'm surrrrrrrrrrre" instead of "Alllll-righty then".

              Not Even
              I ranked this one up there with, "I'm sure".

              Indin Bullet
              (Noun) Quite simply, a rock. Oh no, not just any ordinary rock. The kind that you use when yer walking down the colony and a mean dog wants to bite you kind of rock. If you are out of Indin Bullets, you can bend down and pretend you are picking up a bullet. The dog will instinctively run away. (Old Indin trick)

              1 - Used to describe something that went wrong. This
              could be ANYTHING. Like, someone stealing the tires off of your truck (that yer gonna fix up, of course). "Now that's Jacked.
              2 - Also used to describe a person who is drunk. "I was ALL Jacked-Up last night".

              Oh-Yeah, Huh
              (Pretending interest) Used in response when someone is talking so much that hawks can ride up on the thermal being created. A useful tool when 2 year olds are questioning everything.

              Ragged on
              To be teased. If an Indian said those terms listed below in "Native
              American" they would definitely get "Ragged on".

              See Rugged

              (Adjective) Used to describe the unsavory element. "That's a rugged ole Indian car." "Your snag was rugged last night."

              -ged, -ger. To pick up, hook up with another person in a romantic way. Well, sometimes a romantic way. Sometimes, it's who you wake up with.

              Snaggin spots
              ....after partys, Pow wow's, Rodeos, Tourneys.

              Wanabi, Wannabee
              Wants to be Indian.

              An expression created by "Neek" meaning "DAMN", used especially when something Skandalous or outrageous has taken place.


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                PUT-IT-IN: to have intercourse with go out and snag to try and put-it-in

                WASTE: somebody who is constantly broke and freeloading off of others


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                  Originally posted by ojibway_tribe
                  PUT-IT-IN: to have intercourse with go out and snag to try and put-it-in

                  WASTE: somebody who is constantly broke and freeloading off of others
                  "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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                    KAWWW ENIT??

                    But Boss, I am working!!......on finding my next pow-wow that is!


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                      Originally posted by Kiiwedinong
                      PUT-IT-IN: to have intercourse with go out and snag to try and put-it-in

                      WASTE: somebody who is constantly broke and freeloading off of others
                      PUT-IT-IN.........QUOTE " FROM DA FRONT OR BACK "..........ANYONE EVER TELL YOU THAT ONE! LOL.........


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                        Originally posted by LISA IRONMAKER
                        PUT-IT-IN.........QUOTE " FROM DA FRONT OR BACK "..........ANYONE EVER TELL YOU THAT ONE! LOL.........

                        WTH!!! Dude, I read this and thought this should be in the 49. I thought this was a PG rated forum.


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