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Three Sioux, and the BIA Fireman

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  • Three Sioux, and the BIA Fireman

    BIA Firemen

    An Oglala, a Hunkpapa and a Sicangu escaped the burning BIA building by climbing up to the roof. The BIA firemen were on the street below, holding a blanket .

    The firemen yelled to the Oglala, "Jump! Jump! It's your only chance to survive!"
    The Oglala jumped and SQUISH! The BIA firemen yanked the blanket out from under him. The Oglala slammed into the sidewalk.

    The Hunkpapa stepped forward.
    "C'mon! Jump! You gotta jump!" yelled the BIA firemen to him.
    "Oh no! You're gonna pull the blanket away!" said the Hunkpapa.
    "No! It's Oglala's we can't stand! We're OK with Hunkpapa's!"
    "OK," said the Hunkpapa, and he jumped.
    SQUISH! The BIA firemen yanked the blanket away, and the Hunkpapa is flattened on the pavement like a pancake.

    Finally, the Sicangu steps up to the edge of the roof.
    Again, the firemen yelled, "Jump! You have to jump!"
    "No way! You're just gonna pull the blanket away!" yelled the Sicangu.
    "No! Really! You have to jump! It's only Oglala's and Hunkpapa's we hate! We won't pull the blanket away from you! We promise! Now jump! Hurry!"

    "Look," the Sicangu says. "Nothing you say is gonna convince me that you're not gonna pull the blanket away! So what I want you to do is put the blanket down, and back away from it..."
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    tee~hee!! :Thumbs Took me a minute~ but good one!!
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