An old widowed Indian woman was very lonely, so she decided

that she needed a pet to keep her company. So off to town she

went to find a pet shop.

Upon entering the pet store she began her search for the

right companion. Nothing seemed to catch her interest. . .

except this one-UgLy--frog.

As she walked by the barrel he was in, he looked up and

winked at her! The frog whispered in Indian, "I'm lonely

too! Buy me and you won't be sorry."

The Indian woman figured, what the heck, she hadn't found

anything else. So, she bought the frog and sat him next to her in

her old pickup as she drove away.

Down the road the frog whispered to her again in Indian,

"Kiss me! You won't be sorry." So, the old lady looked

behind her in the mirror and figured what the heck and kissed the

Immediately the frog turned into a tall, handsome, buff, young

Then he kissed her back . . . and do you know what the old lady


The FIRST MOTEL she could find! aaayyyyy