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  • Michael Jackson Jokes

    How many Michael Jackson Jokes do you know? I know these.

    How can you tell its 12:00 in NeverLand?
    The big hand is on the little hand.

    Why did Michael call Boyz II Men?
    He thought they were a delivery service.
    The Darkness Rox my SOX!
    And Kiss rules foot!
    :rocking: And if anyone disagrees Bleah to you :Tongue

    :Thumbs ZANG!

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    Did you hear Michael Jackson has food poisoning???

    He ate a 12-year old weenie!:Chatter
    Becky B.


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      A pilot, George Bush, Micheal Jackson, a librarian, and some kids are on a plane that is about to crash. There are just enough parachutes that one person must die.

      The pilot says "Well, I'm the pilot so i have to live," so he jumps out with a parachute.

      George Bush says "Well I'm the President and I have to ruin the country so i should live,"

      "But what about the kids?" said the librarian.

      "Screw the kids" said the President.

      "I already did" said Micheal Jackson.
      The Darkness Rox my SOX!
      And Kiss rules foot!
      :rocking: And if anyone disagrees Bleah to you :Tongue

      :Thumbs ZANG!


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        I've got one I heard today... what did the mother say to Michael Jackson at the beach? "excuse me sir, but you're in my son (sun)!" LOL :D


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          These jokes are sick.


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            KNOCK KNOCK
            who's there?
            LITTLE BOY BLUE
            little boy blue who?
            There are 2 types of people in the world...
            Really stupid people who think they are smart
            Really smart people who think they are smart.


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              These are terrific!


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                Why was Michael Jackson @ the Mervyn's?? He heard little boy's pants were half off.

                What Does Michael Jackson consider a 10?? 2 5 year olds.

                I know...SICK:42:


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                  Okay I got one; Whats the difference between Michael Jackson and a shopping bag?

                  Ones palstic and is dangerous to little kids and one just carries groceries
                  If you feel like you are under control your jus not going fast enough!


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                    lol :Chatter that one was funny....


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                        These are kinda cheesy, but I heard 'em on the radio so I thought what the heck......

                        How does Michael Jackson pick his nose? Out of a catalog!

                        There was reportedly a new addition to the Wonderland estate for all the children. A new "heavy" petting zoo.

                        I know the last one is a little sick, but sometimes it's the vulgarities of situations that make you stop and think about things ya know???
                        "yo, ADRIAN!" :Lips:

                        "It is this belief in a power larger than myself and other than myself which allows me to venture into the unknown and even the unknowable."
                        --Maya Angelou


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                          Okay, I have a new one!

                          A little boy went up to his father and asked,
                          "Dad is god a boy or a girl?"

                          "Both son, both."

                          Then the little boy asked "Dad is god black or white?"

                          "Both son, both."

                          Ten minutes later the boy came downstairs and asked,

                          "Dad is Micheal Jackson God?"
                          THE RASMUS ROCK MY SOX!
                          The Darkness Rox my SOX!
                          And Kiss rules foot!
                          :rocking: And if anyone disagrees Bleah to you :Tongue

                          :Thumbs ZANG!


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                            Q: What do Michael Jackson and Saddam Hussein have in common?

                            A: Both were caught in a little hole.



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                              You hear if Michael Jackson molests one more boy they are going to make him a priest??


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