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Firing up the grill

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  • Firing up the grill

    It's Saturday morning, and the wife gets up and gets breakfast going. Just as they all sit down to eat, Grandma and Grandpa show up, sit down and have some coffee and offer to take the kids to town with them for the day. "Well", says the wife, "if it's not too much trouble, sure." The kids are all happy and rush to get dressed, and the wife makes sure they have their teeth brushed and hair combed. Then off they go with the old folks.

    Since she won't have them underfoot, the wife decides to give the house that real good cleaning she feels it needs, and commences to clean the house from top to bottom. In between loads of laundry, she vacuums, dusts, mops, glops, scrubs, sanitizes, and goes as far as to move the furniture and pull the cushions off the couch and vacuum down in the cracks.

    The husband had been busy too. He changed the oil out on the car and the truck, cleaned out the shed, mowed the lawn, and cleaned the wasp nests out from under the eaves. He's just fixing to fire up the weed-eater when the wife heads out to the clothes line with a basket to start bringing in the wash. She notices one of the kids' toys in some weeds at the base of the deluxe grill her husband had blown nearly a week's paycheck on and bends over to pick it up. Just as she does this her husband happens to look, and says,"Geez, woman, you butt's as wide as that grill!". The wife says nothing, and goes about getting the wash in.

    Just as she's finishing up folding the last of the laundry, the old folks and the kids roll in. The wife and her mother make a fine big dinner while the husband and kids get cleaned up. After dinner the 2 women clean up the kitchen while the husband and his father-in-law sit in the living room watching tv and chatting.

    The old folks take their leave, the husband kicks back to watch the news, and the wife gets the kids bathed and off to bed before she herself- tired after a long day's work- takes a shower and retires. Now, the husband had been kicking back relaxing and digesting his dinner, so when he comes to bed, he lets his wife know he's feeling frisky. She rolls over and looks up at him and says, "If you think I'm firing this big ol' grill up for that little weenie, you'd better think again".

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