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A couple of weeks before the wedding....

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  • A couple of weeks before the wedding....

    ok....I'll keep this one as clean as possible.....

    A young man while getting prepared for he and his bride's big day suddenly realizes that he is a virgin. With this in mind the thought of he and his beloved terrifies him. So, after some thought he goes to see a sex therapist.

    On the first visit to the therapist he explains his case, and says how terrified he is of not being able to please his new bride. After contemplating the poor guys delemma the doctor says "I can assist you with your problem". With that ,he tells the man to drop his pants. As he does this the doctor attaches a dime to each hip. Now the doctor says ''For the next week I want you to pratice moving your hips side to side and concentrate on the dimes....So the young man goes home for the week and practices moving his hips....dime......dime.....dime.....dime.

    At the end of the week he returns to the therapist and tell him that he's got it...and at the therapist's requests he shows him. When he was finished the therapist simply says "Very good. Now drop your pants". The young man complies. This time the therapist tapes a quater to his belly and gives the instruction..."This time I want you to practice moving yoour hips side to side, but in between I want to practice thrusting you hips foward consentrating on the quarter. The man goes home and for the next week and practices...dime......quarter......dime, dime......quarter.....dime. At the end of the week he returns to the therapist's office again, where he is asked to demonstrate is ability.

    When the young man finishes the therapist again commends his effort and states "Drop your pants, and bend over". This time the doctor shoves a dollar bill in his butt, and provides the instruction to go home and practice swinging his hips, trusting his pelvis, pushing out with his butt, and all the while concentrating on the dime, quarter, dime, and dollar in that order. He also instructs him to practice this up to his wedding night and he should do fine. The young man does as he was told, and remains very nervous as his wedding night arrives. They arrive in their suite and she readys herself for their first physical symbol of love, the man approaches and reminds himself to think of what the therapist said and he will do fine....and they begin.......
    Dime...quarter...dime...dollar...dime...quarter... dime...dollar...she yells "Faster!"...dime..quarter..dime..dollar..dime..qua rter..dime..dollar.."Faster!!" she cries..dime,quarter,dime,dollar,dime,quarter,dime, dollar,dime,quarter,dime,dollar..."Faster!!!!" she yells...BUCK FOURTY FIVE!!!, BUCK FOURTY FIVE!!!, BUCK FOURTY FIVE!!!

    We the unwilling, lead by the unknowing, have been doing so much with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.

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