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  • 2006 Princess Nomination

    Please post your nominations for the 2006 Princess in this thread. The nomination must come for the individual themselves. Please post only nominations in this thread, other posts will be removed.

    If you would like to enter the Princess Contest, please post the following information:

    Tribal Affiliation
    Brief biography about yourself
    Why you would like to represent
    New to the site--Introduce Yourself

    Find a Pow Wow Near You!

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    For more information, please visit:
    New to the site--Introduce Yourself

    Find a Pow Wow Near You!


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      Kelli Oram-Proudfoot
      Cherokee and Deleware (Navesink)
      19 Years of age

      My name is Kelli Proudfoot. I am a 25% Cherokee and 12.5% Delaware Indian from West Michigan.

      I am a recently licensed Cosmetologist who is also a very active Jingle Dancer and area Good Will Ambassador for Kalamazoo, MI area Indian Youth. I have been a Cultural Advisor for the Hispanic Heritage Committee of Kalamazoo.

      I have been active on 92% of the boards existence as well as many forums on since June of 2000. I have truly grown up with The members have become like a second family to me. I have met several of the members at various powwows and find that the common bond of extends to a lasting friendship and kinship with everyone I meet.

      I feel that I have benefited greatly and have learned much from the members and have become much stronger in my heritage and knowledge of my dancing. I would like to be’s representative because of the love of my heritage and the board’s community. I hope to further promote my heritage and the benefits of the community.

      Thank you for giving me the consideration for me to represent

      Aka: Kelli Oram-Proudfoot
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        Someone once asked me why do I want to become a princess. To me being a princess of any organization, society or club give one hope and since of well being of who she is and what she can become. It lets young women express their knowledge, style and what they want to accomplish in their lives.
        O-Si-yo my name is M. Elizabeth Highfill, I am 24 years of age and I am Cherokee, Quapaw, Seneca and Native Hawaiian. My given names are Olathe-Tehya-Nituna-Ayita meaning Beautiful daughter first to dance and in Hawaiian Iolana meaning to soar like an eagle. Currently I reside in Houston, Texas where by day I work as an Administrative Assistant to a CPA firm and by night I am Medical /Computer student.
        Ever since I was little I have been dancing in all categories. My family and my tribal elders made sure they taught me the most important things in life. Though out the years i've had the privilege to represent many organizations though out Indian country and to serve as their princess. Currently I represent various organizations either as a member, president, ambassador, or student advisor. Some of which include [email protected], TAMU & TAMU-CC, OUNASA, RUNASA, Gulf Coast Tia-Piah Society, Crew 6 and a few other groups.
        Since being a member of back in 2003 under Iolana1 and under my old name tx_powwow_princess back in 2000 i've had the privilege and honor of making so many new friends. This site allows one a chance of giving her knowledge and teachings back to those who are just now starting out.
        Personally I feel I have learned a tremendous amount of information about different types of people and their tribes. What they believe in and what they want to contribute to today's society. Someone once told me: one must always respect ones elders and help pass on our family/tribal traditions. With representing my self as your princess and ambassador I hope to pass on what I have learned and to pass on our heritage. Wa-dv and Mahalo!

        Sincerely yours,

        M. Elizabeth Highfill

        My pictures:
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          My Biography

          Hello, my name is Summer John; I am 15 years old, and a grade 10 student at B.C.I. I come from the Cayuga people and the Wolf clan. I live with my mom, dad and my younger brother on the Six Nations Reserve. I have been going to powwows and been dancing since I was 15 months old. I began dancing fancy shawl but soon changed to jingle. I am a part of the Native Group, Dance committee and girls field lacrosse team at school. I achieved 2 awards in my grade 9 year, the most improved lacrosse player and the 3rd highest average award. I enjoy travelling, dancing, beading, lacrosse, taking hip hop, chatting and meeting new people. I was born and raised with traditional values of the longhouse. I recently became aware that I was part Ojibway, which explains why my mom taught my brother and me the Powwow ways, the drum, and our personal style of dance. I was taught to respect not only myself but the elders and everyone else around me. I refrain from smoking, drinking and drugs. As I know that it does nothing for me, my body and my way of life.

          Why I would like to represent

          I am an active member of, have met many great people from the site and spend a lot of my time here. I am great friends with past princess, Shannon George, and Miss Algonquin Nation Tasha Commanda. I look up to them and they inspire me to be a positive, open-minded, happy person. I would like to be a role model in my own way for the younger girls as they have been for me. I want to encourage all girls to get involved in their community, follow the ways of your people, and live a positive life. I want to encourage not only young ladies but everyone to refrain from drinking, doing drugs and smoking. Often our native youth are not exposed in an encouraging way and if given the opportunity I would like to represent to the fullest in an optimistic and respectful manner. I’d love to travel as the 2006 Princess and at all times act accordingly while being watched closely by friends and family throughout the year. I would wear the crown and sash with great pride, respect and responsibility. I know I would have an amazing year while representing our online community at

          Yours Truly,

          Summer June Evelyn John
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