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    Hello Girls!

    I have a few questions as well.

    Do you feel being princess is more than just being here on the site and representing? If so, how?

    If you were princess for 2006, would you be able to share teachings from your nations to younger generations?

    All teachings are valued.
    Please share 1 teaching from each of your nations. Explain how they have taken part in molding you to be the person you are today.

    Thanks...enjoy the excitement! You girls are both bright individuals.


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      Why I voted For You:

      Summer June: I voted for you. Why?:
      Well, I am very happy and proud to see that there are still people out there who believe that we all need to respect ourselves, bodies, and elders.
      As a past educator at a university in Ohio, I found it thrilling to teach non natives true history and cultures of the native people from all over the US and canada.
      I graduated with a degree in General Studies that focused on Native Youth awreness, education, drug alcohol prevention, mediation, criminology and sociology (Can't major in everything right? lol) I wanted to return back to my reservation and help youth to overcome the many sterotypes that they face in everyday life on and off the reservations. So to me, you are a true educator because you live by example and I hope that you will continue your education and go on to Higher learning. You have a tremendous spirit and I hope that other can see it.
      As a side note: I am a little bias in that I used to dance also at Ann Arbor in Michigan...I miss it! lol. But I love being back home on my rez.
      Good Luck in all you do and in the contest.


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        Iolana, I hope these will answer your questions well.
        1. I think that it is very important for the native youth to receive the proper education; they need to do well in school and graduate in order to continue their education. While growing up some native children are far beneath the education standards. It is hard to find a job without a degree or diploma and if they have those it will better their knowledge.

        2. Many different events happened in 2005 and the evacuation of Kashechewan First Nation meant the most to me. The water quality was so bad it had infected half of the community with different kinds of skin rashes. The water was contaminated with E. coli. Not only is this happening in Kashechewan, it is not the only reserve with water treatment troubles. We need better living standards on our Reserves in order to prevent this from happening again.

        3. I do use television, the movie industry, fashion and hi-tech gadgets, but there are limits to using these. Without technology like computers, cell phones, etc. we wouldn't have As for my tribe technology isn't used much in the longhouse and it has a limit. Technology I predict will give people more knowledge about their tribes’ history, other tribes, powwows & social events and it won't change traditions.
        ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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          Thank you so much ndnhottie79! I appreciate it!!
          ~* Princess 2006-2007*~


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            Mahalo summer june. Good answers and good luck.
            Wa-dv, Iolana1
            'A'a i ka hula kahika, waiho ka hilahila i ka hale.
            "One who wants to dance the ancient dance, must leave their bashfullness at home"


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              You got my vote for sure!


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