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PowWows.com Bumper Sticker Design

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  • PowWows.com Bumper Sticker Design

    I'm trying to order some Bumper Sticker for PowWows.com.

    But I need help! What should they look like? What should they say??

    So I'm looking for designs. The size is 3" x 11.5".

    New to the site--Introduce Yourself

    Find a Pow Wow Near You!

  • #2
    Don't get the paper covered kind! We learned our lesson at school here!

    They're cheaper, but cheaper.
    ...it is what it is...


    • #3
      This really looks great!!
      :D :D
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      • #4
        How bout "SNAG ME @ POWWOWS.COM".....hahaha! jks!

        As for the pix posted, that's the classic pw.com design, i think for a first run or trial that would be a good start!!

        *BE EASY*


        • #5
          Just like that one!! With a little "Snag me @" in small script letters.:Chatter
          ...it is what it is...


          • #6
            I like Snag me - that sounds good!
            Everything is gonna be alright!

            Be blessed - got love???

            This b me.....



            • #7
              ya'll are too crazy!
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              • #8
                i like the snag [email protected]!!! :devil
                Oh yeah, I used to know Quentin...He's a real...He's a real Jerky

                ~Flat Beat~


                • #9
                  ...that would make a nice lookin' bumper sticker... not the same old square ones.... or rectangle I mean.... that would be good to put that snaggin' line in too right above the POWWOWS.com.... great ideas.... :p
                  Never squat naked in spurs


                  • #10
                    ...what 'bout BUTTONS.... you gonna make any buttons? ;)
                    Never squat naked in spurs


                    • #11
                      Yeah, we need buttons before Gathering. Whadya think, Webby?
                      ...it is what it is...


                      • #12
                        That one gets my vote!!

                        Straightdancerinaz: Could you make a button shape? Round, I mean. It would be cool to have one with Snag me @ in the middle and one with a blank center in case we want names in the middle.

                        Could ya please?? Then I'll print it and try to make some buttons.

                        Approximate size is 3 ", but I can shrink or enlarge whatever you make.
                        ...it is what it is...


                        • #13
                          I know what you mean. I do get SOME work done, but not as much as I COULD.

                          But thanks for the tips, and I'll get permission first.

                          WEBBIEEEE!! Are you going to make buttons, or else could we borrow your logo and make some to pass out before Gathering?
                          Not to make a profit or anything (It would be nice if someone could pitch in for the blanks), but just so all us PWS.com people could find each other easier. And it would help promote the site.;)
                          ...it is what it is...


                          • #14
                            OK, I secured a button maker. It's one that's a pain in the wazoo to use, but it will be worth it.

                            Now I just need permission. YooHoo, Webbie.

                            Otherwise, maybe you could make a different kind, Straight?? Or I can use my old PrintShop and make something decent and LEGAL. :p

                            Maybe we could do some with names for people on the site, and some just with Snag me @ if they don't want their names on it!:Chatter
                            ...it is what it is...


                            • #15
                              what about:

                              "Hi I'm Ntvmanness, and I'm a powwows.com addict"

                              You can leave a blank space and each person can put their usernames on their bumperstickers.


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