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Survivor Palau - 2nd Episode

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  • Survivor Palau - 2nd Episode

    What will happen this week?
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    Ok, the suspense is building!

    This weeks episode is entitled

    Love is in the Air, Rats are everywhere!

    CBS: "- One tribe's beach is overrun with unwelcome little visitors. It has to be Koror from the preview

    - One Survivor is suspicious about a special alliance developing between two tribemates.Love is in the air!

    - While enjoying a feast, a tribe notices one member's reclusive behavior. hmmm....Ibrehem?, Janu?, Angie?(I dont think so because CBS was too blatent with the editing of the previews.. Misdirection..She may feel she is on the chopping block , but she does not go this episode.

    - A tribe attempts to recover a lost provision. Will they be successful in the task, or will they succumb to exhaustion?"

    Its a new season on Survivor, rumors are flying!

    There is said to be romance blooming in both camps!
    Hinting at Kim and Jeff on Ulong and on Koror it is hinted that Gregg and Jennifer may be developing a new story line.

    Whew.. what to do... Koror lost their flint when the boat tipped, are they going to exhaust themselves and lose the Reward Challenge. Which is hinted to be fishing sling, mask and flippers.

    Who has the feast,, who is the recluse at said feast.. Is it Ibrehem who is naturally shy. Or one of the girls who may be watching a certain to relationship develop..

    So far my picks are still in the air.. I am leaning to Jeff or Ashley on Ulong and Katie or Willard on Koror.. I am still studying video caps

    I have made some Fantasy Game picks for Koror to make a clean sweep of challenges... Of course I could be wrong..

    Running River, Jump on in here and bet some points and we can chat about Survivor..


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      Did you join my Fantasy League on
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        Oh wow Paul, I didn't even think of looking for your team. I would love to, what is the password?



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          Go here for the info!

          Winner gets 5,000,000 points!

          New to the site--Introduce Yourself

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            Bump.... 5 million points people!


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