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    I turned off ESPN just to read 'Inside The NBA Brought To You By Colonah'. I love this thread!!!

    My Lakers are still kicking Butt. As if! Gotta stay with them, even if they are in the doldrums. Detroit is looking goot. Saw them for a little while the other night. All Larry Brown could do was hang his head, muttering "I wish I was still their coach...".LOL

    Keep it coming 'C'!

    Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

    "When I was young man I did some dumb things and the elders would talk to me. Sometimes I listened. Time went by and as I looked around...I was the elder".

    Mr. Rossie Freeman


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      Ok, should I just give up now or wait until they're really down in the dumps?! I just don't understand my Sixers!! Why can't they just win some games?! I'm still stuck on the fact that they loss to the Hornets! How can you lose to the Hornets?! I thought my gonna be good this season?! Well, I guess me & the rest of the Philadelphia city was fooled. 8-10 record...still first in the Atlantic Division & still #3 in the Eastern Conference but we are hanging by a strand of thread. This is not the way I hoped this season to be. They better pick up the pace or I might have to take a little trip down to the Wachovia Center & do a little protesting.....NO DEFENSE, NO WINNING!!!

      Wow, Detroit's got it made!! They are really on the roll! 13-2 record, still #1 on the East, I'm really liking this team. This is the way a team should play!! This is what you call, "Pure Team Work!" Maybe the Sixers should take some lessons from the Pistons. C, I know you're real happy right now!! GO PISTONS!!!

      I'm really liking the Western Conference as well. Ok, we all know that San Antonio would be leading the pack so there is no argument there. But I really shocked that the Clippers are still going strong. 11-5 record...the best I've seen from them in ages. And what about them Golden State Warrior?! 12-6 record...I really didn't expect that from this team either. Really gotta give them some credit. Jason Richardson & Baron Davis are playing some really good basketball right now. GO WARRIORS!!!
      Last edited by *Mystic*; 12-04-2005, 02:51 PM.
      Never Hurt The Heart That Luvs You


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        THIS JUST IN: (courtesy of
        "Kobe Bryant, who is second in the NBA in scoring but averages better than 29 shots per game, scored 29 points on just 9-of-30 shooting. However, his aggression on offense helped the Lakers improve to 4-0 all-time against the Bobcats".
        Now THAT'S putting a positive spin on abyssmal shooting! who the hell wrote this, Kobe himself?? 9-30.....less than 33%...yeah THAT'S aggressive..... but they did beat those awesome Bobcats by 1 his stellar shooting paid off.....


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          Originally posted by colonah04
          THIS JUST IN: (courtesy of
          "Kobe Bryant, who is second in the NBA in scoring but averages better than 29 shots per game, scored 29 points on just 9-of-30 shooting. However, his aggression on offense helped the Lakers improve to 4-0 all-time against the Bobcats".
          Now THAT'S putting a positive spin on abyssmal shooting! who the hell wrote this, Kobe himself?? 9-30.....less than 33%...yeah THAT'S aggressive..... but they did beat those awesome Bobcats by 1 his stellar shooting paid off.....

          ....Ok, this is definitely my laugh of the day! You have gots be to kidding me?! I don't even know how to respond this story. Now it's really got me thinking did Kobe write this himself? Yeah, whatever know, I really can't stand this dude!

          Like you said C, THIS IS A "TEAM" SPORT!! Maybe I should say that during my Sixers protest so it could flow through their thick heads! Iverson is not the whole damn team!! The others gotta step up to the plate now or NEVER!
          Never Hurt The Heart That Luvs You


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            WELL NOW!! 14-2.....for the they turn the Golden State Warriors in to the 'Iron Pyrite' State not be decieved by the final score which was 106-103...and sounds really close. One CARDINAL rule of sports is that the good teams win the close ones.
            The Warriors have built up a 12-7 record, but against mostly sub .500 teams, and mostly at home too. But they are clearly getting better, and Jason Richardson is one of the real studs in this league. Memo to (Mich State coach) Tom Izzo....shoulda held this guy hostage in east Lansing another year or two...Baron Davis has really helped them too...but they aren't really championship level yet.....
            Did you see who leads the NBA in scoring in the paint?? That humongously large and physical Tony Parker!!!!! every power forward and center in the NBA should be embarassed by this...and stop letting this guy blow by for easy lay-ups...he's quick...but there was a time when if a 6' guy drove the lane....there was a major price to pay...right Isiah? remember that friendly elbow by Carl Malone??? seems the NBA is getting softer...over time. In the playoffs, though..he may get decapitated.
            And also HOOPSTERS what is Santa bringing us on Christmas Day??? why it's the Pistons vs The Spurs....!!!! should be a great one...
            Oh and lastly....Cherokee tonight for the 76'ers.....43 by Alan (sure hall of fame) Iverson...but they still need to get that guy some help!!! but what a TRULY great player...and what heart for one so small....gotta love this guy....if everybody played as hard as he does...the league would be something to see....
            The Pistons are falling in to a dangerous pattern of sleeping through the first half..then playing sizzling D late....and winning....but this is risky..and won't get it done against the better teams, or in the playoffs....but hey 14-2 is HARD to quibble with!!


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              Ok, I haven't been on here to talk about my Sixers that much but WOW, they finally won 2 games back-to-back! It's about time! Iverson dished out another 40+ game last night against the Nets. Man, what would this team be without him?! You just can't hate this guy at all! Well, hopefully they can get back on the winning streak!
              Never Hurt The Heart That Luvs You


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                MAKE THAT 15-2!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!
                *Pistons deny Clippers a perfect homestand*

                LOS ANGELES (Ticker) -- With a championship-tested backcourt of Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton, the Los Angeles Clippers' home dominance was no match for the Detroit Pistons' command of the road. {WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! and NEITHER of them has EVER been voted to the All-star team!!!}}

                Billups scored 25 points and had eight assists against one turnover and Hamilton added 23 points as the Pistons never trailed in a 109-101 victory over the Clippers, who had won the first four games of their five-game homestand. {ROAD WARRIORS??? that's what separates the men from the boys around the league}

                Detroit finished with only four turnovers - one more than the NBA record. {hmm, could it be these guards are really pretty good?}}

                The league's most surprising upstart, Los Angeles has vaulted to the top of the Pacific Division, a group it normally supports from the basement, on the strength of nine wins in its first 10 home games. {They are better than normal for sure....and much improved}

                However, Detroit had matched that mark on the road entering Sunday and controlled throughout to defeat the Clippers for the 15th time in the last 19 meetings. {Can you say TOTAL domination??}}

                Billups had 13 points and six assists in the first half as the Pistons turned it over just once {{ ONE TURNOVER IN A HALF!!!! WOW!!!!!}} and claimed a 59-45 lead. He made a 3-pointer and a 19-footer in a span of 37 seconds midway through the third to put his club ahead, 70-58.
                {yes, that's why he's called Mr. Big Shot}

                Hamilton had nine points in the final 5:05 of the period and capped it with a layup at the buzzer to make it 83-72. {{watching people guard this guy reminds me of Rocky Balboa tryin to catch that chicken in the first Rocky movie! lol}} He's the 'silent assassin'

                Los Angeles got within eight points on more than one occasion in the fourth, but never closer. Desperate to cut into the deficit and maintain their run at home, the Clippers resorted to fouling center Ben Wallace over the final six minutes. {Nice try, Clippers...but it ain't happening}

                The strategy nearly paid off as Wallace made just 4-of-14 free throws down the stretch. However, he got his own rebound on one of the misses and fed Billups for a 3-pointer that put Detroit ahead, 97-86, with 4:50 left.
                {{ Hmmm Mr. Big Shot}}
                Last edited by Joe G; 12-12-2005, 12:34 AM. Reason: wtf why not??? it's my post


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                  Hey gang....what's that horrible stench emanating from the home of the Utah Jazz? why it's our 15-3 PISTONS losing to the Utah Jazz......hmmm....lemme see:
                  1. They shot the second half....memo to Pistons...STOP watching 'how to shoot the Kobe Bryant' videos! or add Jason Kidd to your roster..if ya wanna lay bricks...
                  2. Outrebounded by a LARGE a bunch of nameless, no talent CBA rejects...Kirilenko?? who the hell is he??
                  3. Defense about as effective as Saddam's republican guard....
                  So, how could this be??? well...........
                  1. The PISTONS in this game...were flatter than an underdeveloped 11 year old.
                  2. The road is starting to take a toll on them....and they beat the hot Clippers
                  3. They started reading their press clippings...and forgot WHY they were 15-2
                  4. Out of 82 games, there will be off nights....but this one was worse than that! a bunch of cadavers...would have played nearly as well...for sure they'd commit less fouls!
                  Anyways..this one should have been taped and given to all College and High School coaches as a how NOT to play video....
                  Then there's Utah who are the what sense does THAT name make? The only Jazz in Salt Lake city is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.....for pete's sake...well, they once were the New Orleans Jazz......(that makes some sense) and because of lack of interest...(post Pete Maravich) they started splitting their home schedule games between Salt Lake City and New
                  EVERYBODY who can think of two more diametrically opposite cities in all of America raise your hands!!!! no wonder the team has always been a split personality crew....
                  hmmmm maybe they should be the Utah next to Nevadas or Utah Osmonds..or something....but Jazz...?????
                  Don't forget hoopsters..Santa is bringing PISTONS vs. San Antonio on Christmas day ....
                  Last edited by Joe G; 12-13-2005, 08:25 PM. Reason: typing errors


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                    C, dude. Can we get the Grizzlies back in Canada and give you the Raptors. Puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease


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                      Yes, bad....if you send down MORE players like Steve Nash...that guy is AMAZING!!!!


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                        Hmmmm The PISTONS again turn the Warriors from Golden State aside. They are now the Iron Pyrite State Warriors....fool's gold. But they are somewhat improved...but young. Compared to the last 15 years or so, they are better though.
                        Kobe gets 62 pts. in 3 quarters....well, he has had LOTS of shooting practice!! about 35 per game....and it was against Dallas, who is soft in the middle....but 62 is 62....
                        Hey Dirk, think that punch to your face was an accident? yeah right. And memo to the Mavericks.....defense IS way Kobe should get 62 in 3 qtrs....against ANY NBA team....
                        Hey Pacers fans....It was only a mater of time until Ron (Mr. Excitement) Artest exploded...and destroyed any chance at team unity or success. Hey Ron...Jermaine is the marquee player...NOT you...get over's a TEAM sport...
                        San Antonio has been down lately too...but even with injuries..they're STILL on the West. Count on it...they will be there in the playoffs..and in the finals again..unless a hell of a lot goes wrong....
                        How about those non all-stars Billups and's a little from
                        Looking for Richard – With Reggie Miller having retired, Richard Hamilton has become the NBA’s undisputed king of moving without the ball. Rip is in a constant state of motion, using screens and finding seams in the defense to pull up or attack. Bruce Bowen and Manu Ginobili will share the task of trying to slow Hamilton, who’s having an All-Star caliber season, averaging better than 20 points and shooting over 50 percent from the field.
                        And don't forget hoopsters....Tomorrow at NOON the Pistons and Spurs....the REAL marquee game that day...not the non-sense about the Heat or Lakers......Wade is great...but Shaq won't stay healthy through the entire season...and even if he does...he can't get back on D against teams that will push the ball like San Antonio or Detroit....
               honest now.....21-3.....???? wooooooohoooooooooooo


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                          Ummm who won the PISTONS Spurs game??? know who....22-3 OMG!! and yet the league continues to focus on the soap opera of Kobe vs. Shaq...or Phil vs. Pat.....give me a FRIKKIN break....that's the melodrama who has the biggest EGO game for sure...but this game was the two best teams in the NBA...
                          How'd that happen Pistons 85-70.....15 point margin???? lets' see Rebounds Detroit 57 Spurs 30....hmmm almost DOUBLE.....and they outshot the Spurs from the field and the well as 3 pt shots.....TOTAL domination???? and Hamilton only gets 11 pts. on 4-15 shooting???
                          Well, only Parker and Duncan scored much....and Robt. 'big shot Bobby' Horry was 1-6....and nobody else onthe Spurs did squat......Ginobili is the KEY to this team....and they look like the Clippers of old without him.....
                          Also Hoops fans....22-3....and nobody onthe team is even close to an all-star.??? why could it be this is REALLY a team game?? Hello Kobe....Shaq.....LeBron.....
                          MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU.....and Piston haters....
                          EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                            Ok, I haven't been in here in awhile but I had to come in today to give the Pistons their props! It's very hard for me to hate on this team this year. They're playing the best basketball right now! Them Pistons crushed the defending world champs on Christmas day! I usually go with Spurs but the way they were playing...I had to make a switch. They were horrible! Very disappointing. They seriously deserved that loss! GO PISTONS!!

                            How about that Lakers vs. Heat game? What can I say about that game?! That game kept me on the edge of my seat from the opening tip to last few seconds. Them Lakers got shut down again! Good for them! What made me laugh was definitely during the opening tip, Shaq played Kobe!! hand shake...just a little smile! Way too funny! That's right don't have to show that sorry azz Kobe no love if you don't want too! Although I do kinda think their little feud is getting old but it's sure as hell fun to watch.

                            Oh yeah, one more thing, I do recall Kobe sitting on ESPN saying that he was gonna drop 60+ points on the Heat too?....hhhhmmmm...looks like that didn't happen! Damn Fool! If he think the Heat's defense was gonna let him explode like that, he had another thing coming. I see he didn't get to the free throw line 25 times either...haha..this boy just cracks me up! Kobe you're nothing but a joke!

                            But once again, C...congrats to your Pistons!!

                            ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR HOLIDAY!!!
                            Never Hurt The Heart That Luvs You


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                              Pistons Improve to 24-3, Beat Heat in Detroit WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!

                              AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Dec. 29 (Ticker) -- Chauncey Billups and Rasheed Wallace were too much down the stretch. Billups scored 30 points and Wallace added 21 as the Detroit Pistons won their ninth straight game with a 106-101 victory over the Miami Heat. HMMMM THAT BILLUPS IS PRETTY GOOD....FOR A GUY 5th IN THE ALL STAR VOTING...

                              A nine-year veteran, Billups struggled in his last three regular-season meetings against the Heat, averaging just 11 points and 5.7 assists. He came up huge this time around, connecting on 8-of-17 shots from the field and going 12-of-12 free throws while adding seven assists.

                              "Chauncey's playing great. He's playing unbelievable offensively and defensively," Richard Hamilton said. "He's making plays, hitting shots. He's just playing the way he knows how to play."

                              The Pistons led 79-72 at the start of the fourth quarter and Wallace's 3-pointer helped extend that advantage to nine points with 10:49 remaining. The Heat battled back to get within two at 83-81 on Dwyane Wade's jumper with 9:16 to play.

                              The Heat stayed within 89-87 until Tayshaun Prince drained a jumper as the shot clock expired. On the ensuing possession, Ben Wallace blocked Shaquille O'Neal's turnaround shot, leading to a fast-break dunk by Prince with 6:15 left. BLOCKED SHAQ!!!! WOOHOOO!

                              Miami rallied to tie the game at 99-99, but Billups sank a pull-up jumper to give Detroit some breathing room and Rasheed Wallace's deep 3-pointer with 1:06 left gave them a five-point lead. MR. BIG SHOT AGAIN!!!!!

                              "Whenever they came up with 6-0, 5-0 runs, we were able to respond either with Chauncey hitting a shot or Rasheed with a three," said Prince, who scored 13 points. "All five guys came through in the fourth quarter in the last six minutes and that is something that we have to do."

                              "They've been together long enough that when they see an opening like that, they take advantage of it," Miami guard Gary Payton said.

                              The Heat had a chance to get within one possession but Wade missed a jumper with 51 seconds remaining and Billups sank two free throws to seal the victory.

                              "We had the game all the way, we just made a lot of silly mistakes down the stretch," said O'Neal, who made 11-of-21 shots. "You can't do that against a team like Detroit."

                              Hamilton had 25 points and nine assists and Ben Wallace pulled down 14 boards for the Pistons, who connected on 7-of-18 3-pointers.

                              Detroit refused to attach any extra importance to the game, other than playing one of the better teams in the league.

                              "We don't look at it as, 'Oh, we beat the Heat,' or nothing like that because we know we've got to see them three more times and in the playoffs," said Rasheed Wallace, who nailed 4-of-6 from the arc.

                              Wade had 33 points and nine assists and O'Neal added 26 points for Miami, which lost despite holding a 46-36 advantage in points in the paint. Jason Williams scored 20 points on 8-of-16 shooting.

                              "Of course it matters that we lost," Heat center Alonzo Mourning said. "It matters a lot. We didn't play well enough to win. It's a simple game. You have to get stops and you have to score. They did that down the stretch, and we didn't."


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                                oooooppps 24-4... .James, Cavaliers Snap Pistons’ Winning Streak

                                CLEVELAND, Dec. 31 (Ticker) -- The Detroit Pistons beat Tim Duncan and Shaquille O'Neal in their nine-game winning streak. LeBron James wouldn't let the streak get to 10. {yeah he played well....but Detroit absolutely did NOT show up for this game..he shoulda scored 100}

                                James scored 30 points and the Cleveland Cavaliers held the Pistons to 34 percent shooting in a 97-84 victory. {Detroit wins as a TEAM..and then SUCKS as a team when they play poorly...couldn't throw the ball in the ocean today}

                                It was the first meeting of the season between the Central Division rivals. Last year, they split four games.

                                The Pistons are doing their best to run away with the division, getting off to a 24-3 start before Saturday's loss. The Cavs entered with a 17-10 record.

                                Detroit was bidding to become the first NBA team to win 10 in a row since it won 11 straight last March 30-April 19. But after beating Duncan and the defending champion San Antonio Spurs on Christmas Day in a rematch of last year's NBA Finals and O'Neal and the Miami Heat two nights ago, the Pistons did not shoot well enough to beat James and the Cavaliers. {DID NOT SHOOT WELL ENOUGH??? WTF?? THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY AWFUL ALL GAME...}

                                The Pistons' perimeter trio of Richard Hamilton, Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince combined to make just 6-of-29 shots in the first half when the Cavaliers built a 54-40 lead. {even KOBE could shoot better than THAT!!!}

                                James scored 11 of his points in the third quarter, including a pair of free throws with 1:55 left to help the Cavaliers open their biggest lead at 79-59. {Must be all that damned SPRITE he drinks..but 'little' LeBron coulda scored 45 today..the way Detroit played}

                                After the Pistons pulled within 92-82 on a free throw by Carlos Delfino with 3:41 remaining in the fourth quarter, James connected on a 3-pointer with 3:15 left and then set up Zydrunas Ilgauskas for a layup to increase the advantage to 97-82. {Zydrunas is a dork...this won't happen again...}

                                The win was the seventh in eight games for the Cavaliers. {Don't get too worked up about Cleveland....a dead person woulda contributed about as much as the PISTON bench did (cept for McDyess} COUNT ON IT....THE PISTONS WILL WIN THE EAST...and not the Cavaliers....even if the whole 'Lebron' family suits up....
                                Now, turning our attention to that unintentional (yeah right) elbow by Kobe on Miller, and his 2 game suspension... Hey KObe...this just in...THAT WAS A FLAGRANT FOUL and MORE!!!! Though you are part right, in the NBA in years past....when you drove the got knocked on your azz...EVERY time...and it took guts to do that as a guard...or small forward....lately, even that pipsqueak Tony Parker leads the NBA in pts. in the the league is a LOT softer...but hey, even when that was true...those were usually called..and yours was a 'sneak' attack..since he didn't even see you coming....and get fouled a lot...or at least you get a lot of free throws..but almost NEVER pass the ball, either.....yes, you have WORLD class skills...but maturity??? dream on...


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