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    or berserk
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      aiyo yesterday i saw tha atari system for sell and it had all tha games too i was all :Chatter :Chatter
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        What games does anyone suggest for an X-box for a teenage girl? Getting some shopping tips
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          SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom jks what is she into what other games does she have is she into racing my cuz has a xbox and shes like 15 and she likes those racings games theres Midway Arcade Treasures gots like old skool games from back in tha day Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix, Ultramix allows players to download additional songs and dance steps as well as challenge contestants from around the world
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            :Chatter .. i own both PS2 and Xbox.. the PS2 is design for an older audience and if you have children.. you might not find a lot of children games.

            PS2 you can play CDs, CDRs and DVDs and you can use your controller to play the DVDs.. but if you have a older PS2 without the internet package you are running about $259.00.. with the interent package and if you need the PS2 DVD remote it's a addition cost to you the customer .

            But what i found out.. which is a nice feature to have is the Xbox you can play a pow wow CD while still playing a game.. and yes the graphics are good and yes you can find children games such as Cat in the hat... and the Xbox has four plug ins for four controllers and PS2 doesnot have this feature.. as well as Xbox can play CDs DVDs CDRs and mp3s.but you do need the DVD remote to play DVDs and this is addition cost to you..

            so it all depends on what you are looking for in a machine as well as how much money do you want to spent? and for waiting on something else and better is how marketers look at situations and they will come out with somethiing cooler and better but .. they almost always get you with the addition features you have to get to operate your system.. meaning you have to invest in a little bit more money for these features.
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              ps2 all the way they got the dvd player and coooler games

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                Expensive as heck..... I can't believe the price on the games... :tongue11:....:duhh:.... Jeeeeeeepers!
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                  we have had both PS2 and we now have an Xbox. the Xbox kix ***! My hubby likes the guy games, but they do have some games that us women like ;) tetris, monopoly, toejam and earl (even though the 1st original was SO MUCH better... my brother and my husband both killed their PS2s, and a bunch of my bros friends did also, so that is why my husband got the Xbox, as the ps2 got alot of bad reviews around here. he has no complaints about the xbox so far.
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                    If you have the skills or a friend that does, you can modify your XBox using a Mod Chip. This allows you to possibly:
                    1. Play DVD's without the remote or receiver
                    2. Download emulators so you can play all games from all systems from Atari to Playstation (I have over 3,000 games on my XBox
                    3. Change from the stock XBox Hard Drive (8 or 10 gb) to a larger (40 or higher) hard drive (I have a 40gb)
                    4. Save the games to the hard drive so you don't need the discs
                    5. Modify the games
                    For more info in general and concerning#5, go to the thread 'Anyone have an XBox and play Halo?'. It is in this same section. PREACH!
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                      XBOX by far better games and graphics


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                        I have a PS2, but I'm planning on gettin an Xbox. My buddy has the GTA III on the Xbox, and I have it on PS2. I noticed that the graphics on the Xbox is better. There is rain coming down on the screen for the Xbox. I said whoa. I also like the game Full Spectrum Warrior. Looks nice.


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                          what I love about my xbox is XBOX LIVE:D

                          My lil bro has all 3 systems, so if I want to play anyone of them, can just go home.....PS2 is ok and Game Cube is aight....wouldnt trade in my Xbox though.....

                          Game anyone???? :flaming: Let me know........
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