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  • Fayetteville Youth problem

    On one date that I went on, she admitted to me that she was in a New York Juvenile Detention facility back in the year 2000.
    Then she goes to her friend's house while we're on a date...
    and takes some kind of medicine, by chopping the pill into a powder, and snorting it up her nose.

    I told her that this is over, we're not going to the movie theater or anywhere else...
    This date is over.

    On the next date, with another one of those women...
    She's a single mom.

    I told her, goodbye.
    She asked me why... and I told her that I am not getting involved with a divorcee, in a household where I'm the pet.

    Another one asked me what kind of sex I like... on our first date..
    I told her that I like the kind where I catch the next bus outta here.

    The next one was arrested for shoplifting, and drug paraphernalia during our date...

    The next one after that... we managed to go to the 6 flags theme park...
    Where I had to defend myself against her... twice in the same day..

    I got really tired of that.
    That's why I left Fayetteville.
    They can shove their 25 year old median age up their butt holes.

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    Ok, look. It appears to me that you have some deep seated issues that don't have a thing to do with Native Americans. Why are you here-simply because you went to some "Indian Festivals" when you were younger? Nothing you have posted so far is powwow related, or just an NDN issue. I think you like to hear your own voice, or in this case, read your own words.

    Ninety eight percent of the members of this forum have Native blood. If you do, you have yet to say who claims you. We all have issues in our daily lives. You act like you are the only male in the country who can't get a date. I don't think this forum is going to provide you with the answers you are looking for. Perhaps you should try looking in another place.

    If you want to know how to make dance regalia, bead, or anything NDN, this site can help you out. That's what it's for. But as I said before, I think you are looking for something that won't be found here.
    Take nothing for granted. Life can change irrevocably in a heartbeat.

    I will not feed the troll-well, I will try.


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