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Ataris... *LMAO*

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  • Ataris... *LMAO*

    Yeah so who misses the good ole ATARI!!! :rofl2:

    I think that was the BOMB kinda ummm game thingy station lol.. even tho it was kinda old skewl and what not back then, but the original games that went with atari were much better than the now aday games :p

    What bout you all??? Did you have an atari?? Did you try to salvage yours LMAO

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    Ive got a friend of mine that has one that still works.. talk about an odd game.. playing in 8 bit, instead of this new 32+bit color
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      i think its gone I dunno where it went :dontknow: :(

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        Yars Revenge...Space Invaders...ahhhhh, those were the games. hahaha
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          We used to have Atari, Coleco-Vision, Intelli-vision with those ole school games like Pong.
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            We were to poor for the games but a buddy of mine had one down the street that we would have tournaments for hours.
            Yah tournaments man those were the days.
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              Good news for all you retro gaming junkies. If you go to the toy section of a store like Wal Mart, in the electronic toy section, they have what looks like old Atari joysticks. These joysticks have ten games built into them, like Yars Revenge, Asteroids, Missile Command and others.

              Its costs about $20.00 right now. It takes double A batteries and plugs right into your TV.

              I have one. It rocks.

              They also have the same thing for games made by Activision for the Atari 2600, execpt the paddle is like today's paddles.

              Did you guys know that a used original Nintendo or a Super Nintendo costs more than a used Nintendo 64? I just re-bought an original Nintendo so I could play Super Tecmo Bowl again.
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                  Oh The Times We Shared If Not Together In Spirit

                  I owned one and like forty games back in 1983-87 till I was one of the first dorks on my block to get the NES or Nintendo Entertainment System and well the rest is history folks.

                  But I played the shyte out of my Atari. My favorite was PITFALL II. It was essentially the first Tomb Raider, cept no sexy heroine or guns of any type. It was all about timing, guts and guile. And it still took half a Saturday to conquer. My left thumb still has the callous from that little stunt...

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