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    I love hiking...
    watching Nature and the smells of the outdoors.

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      Camping ( going on missions shooting bad guys) and off roading (riding around in Humvees) is in my job description and I get paid to do it. So, I don't like doing it as a civilian. I would rather get

      I love to go fishing (trout). When I go home which is about every 2-3 years I go out and go to my old fishing spots I went to as a kid. I might not catch anything, but I don't care cause I'm home for a week or so.
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        I love to go camping because you can do any of the other choices while camping and I love sitting by the at night and talkin til it goes out in the wee hours of the AM!
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          My vote is Camping

          I love camping because it's alot of fun to do, hiking, swimming at the lake and fishing.

          After Powwow then I set up tent by the lake or river and watching the campfire that helps me to relaxing and meeting NDN camping people.
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            XXCamping's got to be my number 1...Also i love horseriding,used to have my own horse when i was younger,a gorgeous 3 quarter arab mare...Unfortunatly at that time in my life i lost interest..A big regret..So now i go riding with friends when i can..
            Love camping because its outdoors,places to wander just being close to nature i suppose..XX

            Tried snowboarding still got the home movie somewhere..!!
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              Originally posted by WocusWoman
              I love hunting; even though my husband is not a good hunter, I grew up in a family that did all the hunting for the large extended family we had. I love the fact that I can shoot well enough to kill my own food. I love gutting, skinning, and feeling the hot blood and flesh on my hands. When I was a kid; my dad would always cut us a piece of (indian gum) off the animal as soon as he strung it up. I miss eating deer and elk every day. When anyone comes to visit me in Alaska, I beg them to bring me some, and boy: you would never think a person could stretch a couple packages of meat through a year, but I sure do!
              Po' NDNs gotta eat. 90% of what meat we eat is wild game.It's better for you , leaner , and not shot full of chemicals ! We live in a rural area and I jus' like to go sit in the woods. No blinds , no camo , no scent blockers or attractants.....jus' me and whichever rifle I decide to shoot.
              I fill 2 freezers every year + I get some for my extended family. All my kiddos can shoot, gut , skin , quarter , and process any of the game we get.
              We also camp , do horseback , an jus' about anything outside !
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                Just nature watching, all things wild outdoors. Trees, birds, animals, etc....


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