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  • Braggin rights

    Who in the famous sports world have you met or at least come close to meetin:D

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    When I was a kid I got hit by a slap shot from Bobby Hull and he felt really bad about getting me on the fore head. I still have the puck! He ended up spending a good hour chatting with me while my eyes slowly got swollen shut....
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      I met Gretzey. He was great too. We saw him after a game and he stayed until everyone there got his autograph and had a chance to speak to him.
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        lets see.. a basketball star.. Karl Malone... I met him when I bought a car from him at his dealer.. just happen to be there that day...


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          famous sport people

          I met payne stewart in orlando, fl at a gas station and he was rude because he thought i should pull up after gassing up


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            braggin rights

            i watched bill lambere disrespect all the stewardesses and anyone else who came close to him on a flight from orlando to minneapolis dang them pros think they own everything


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              I have met:

              Hall of Fame NFL QB Dan Fouts (San Diego Chargers)
              Future Hall of Fame MLB OF Tony Gwynn (San Diego Padres)

              Numerous other San Diego Charger and Padres.

              I saw Hall of Fame Light Heavyweight Champ and perennial Heavyweight contender of the 1930's to the 1960's Archie Moore at the Barona Pow-wow.

              I ran into gold medal Olympic decathlete Dan O'Brien at a gas station convenient store in Moscow, ID.
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                there was some cats from Houston Rockets that came to muh skool when mintumbo was still wit em. ;) and there was some other players but i cant member who they was right now :p
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                  Joe Montana in 1995. He was at the same restaurant me and my folks were at.

                  Jonathan Cheechoo when he was at a signing.

                  I've seen others but never met them personally. Living in the bay area its not out tof the norm to see celebraties.



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                    I'm still waiting to go one on one with soccer great~ Pele!!

                    I will whip his azz!! Yaaa, sure I will

                    :rofl2: A girl can dream can't she?!?
                    If there ain't soccer in heaven ~ I ain't going!!


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                      well i know someone that's met mohammed ali, and i think that counts cuz there's like some connection there between myself and the person that's met him.
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                        Famous peoples

                        Kissed by Robert Plant around 1978 when I was cocktail waitress at a downtown Chicago club. I put down my drink tray, chased him out to his limo and said, I know I'll never get another chance like this, can I have a kiss? He looked at his groupie, as if to ask her, she looked like, well...he didn't even wait for her response, he put his face close to mine. I went to kiss him on the cheek and he turned his face kissed me smack right on the mouth!!! Talk about walking on air for hours...

                        Then Menominee Tribal Chairperson Native Actor Apesanakwat welcomed me back "home" when I moved to my rez from Chicago. Got a thrilling smile from Litefoot when he visited my rez. Got Scottie Pippin's attention as he drove away from a Bulls game long enough to take his picture (he was a big flirt) Got autographs from former Cubs Ryan Sandberg, Shawn Dunston. Got a sexy handshake (lol, it was sexy to ME) from Bill Miller. Geez, can't think of any more.


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                          Me and some friends met Oscar DelaHoya at a bowling alley! He was the sweetest, cutest nicest guy you could ever meet and took pictures with us and our kids, autographed them and never said no. We finally said Ok, let's leave him alone and let him bowl.


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                            wow awful_mnon_woman, you have met one of the singers that i most admire, robert plant and in the stage that he was man pretty. now he looks like, i don't know how to explain it, but i guess it happens to the best of us also huh? oh well, still has the great voice. man, everytime i hear a led zepplin song, and he starts on the first verse, i just melt. aaaaaawwwwwww :sweat:
                            If you allow the world to change you, only then can you change the world....


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                              Working at Hotel & Casinos in LV you meet & talk with quite a few celebrities. Some of those that I've met & talked to:

                              Will Smith
                              Matt Damon
                              Ben Affleck
                              Michael Jordon
                              Mother Love
                              Ken Shamrock
                              Lex Luger
                              Oscar De Lahoya
                              Snoop Diggity Dog
                              Ice T
                              Mike Tyson


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