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Coming down to the wire.(sugar bowl)

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  • Coming down to the wire.(sugar bowl)

    Coming down to the wire.The Sooners are getting the ball with 5:47 left. Can they do it. Of coarse ,but they are really struggling. but we will have to see.Ill tell you what happens.
    Kejaun Jones runs for a first down.
    Ball at the 49 and a completion. With a peanalty on LSU it stands.4:18 left.
    Ball at the 24.3:47 left.4 yard run by Jones.
    3rd and 5 and incomplete but inerference.First down!
    3:02 left. 2 and 10. INCOMPLETE!!
    2:56 and INCOMPLETE!!!
    4th and 10 and timeout by LSU.

    Im writing it as i watch

    Here we go. White throws it up the middle.INCOMPLETE!!!!!!!!! Turn over on downs.
    But 2:40 left and can they stand. We will see.
    THEY HOLD! Sooners get the ball.
    They get the ball after the punt at the 48 yard line with 2:09 left. Boy what a game.
    It comes to 4th and White is sacked.
    Thats ball game
    It was a good season but did it have to come down to this.

    Well it must fill good to be a Tiger right now.
    :duel12: :duel12: :(
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    I DIDNT THINK it would end like that :Thinking :Eyepopper :Shocked
    *~*~*~Do Not Lead me in to Temptation I can Find it myself*~*~*~ :D :uptosomet


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