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    can u believe that???

    The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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      OU played scared the first half. Our Heisman played scared and when we finally woke up it was too late. That LSU defense was awesome and in my opinion, they were the first team that truly challenged our offense along with KSU. Both teams had a fast defence and they both tore our offense up. We finally met the challenge and we deserved to lose. We did not play like champions, we played hesitant......LSU played like champions. I will tell it like I saw it and I regretfully saw the whole game. LSU got tired towards the end, but the damage was already done to OU. Our offense did not snap with their running game, which they should have since LSU's defensive coach studied Jason White like a preacher studies a bible, and knew our every move. Like Stoops said in his post game interview....we made mistakes, as coaches and players that added up in the end.
      Next year maybe...we had a rude awakening so maybe we will be better prepared next year.
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        The sooners did not bring there game if you dont your a game your going to get beat. They think just because you have a heisman winner and the best D in the land that they can fight with one hand tide behind there back and theyll win, but they cant. Even thow there number one doesn't mean people are afraid, there going to be ready. Thats why they got beat.

        I bet you anything if the sooners play like they want it they win and win big. Congats to LSU because they played there pour little Tiger hearts out (thats why we bout came back in the end cause they got tired) they deserve it.


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          I had a bad feeling about that game... two good teams, but after OU tore it in the Big 12 champ game, I really didn't feel good about the Sugar Bowl.

          LSU is a good team, they deserve it.


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            I had a bad feeling also

            I felt the same way. Tru two good two good but, we are better and Ill say over and over again, if they play like they want theyll win. They need to Quit slacking and play football like the have all year. If they play like that they will win.
            White was hurt you could just tell and he made too many bad decision. He over threw open recievers and didnt get rid of the ball when the rush came because you know a defense like that is going to come after the QB. Thats why they should of put in Thompson. Hes better scramber and if no one is open he can take off and run and make something happen with his feet. And that right there is coaching.

            I bet if they do that we are National Champs right now. Thats just my opion.


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              J White

              Yea I agree they should have taken him out the first Qt. just as in the big 12 championship they should have benched him!!!

              O'well next year! :(
              Southern Boy


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                USC are champions with/
                LSU is good team
                SOONERS or later should have came to town to play like Champs
                Yes, White was not himself but it big time Sugar Bowl
                Money for the College
                Draw in more recruits to Sooner country


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