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  • i need some help

    this is probably a really stupid question...but in order to read any of the posts on here, i have to go to the printable version! i have no clue of what's up with that, my sister said she's having the same problem....are we just doing something wrong? :dontknow:
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    nope, not doing nothing wrong. You all night alone3, he aware of the glitch and probaly working on it as I type.:)


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      To Whom It May Concern:

      Is there a policy here in regards to printing the pictures on your banner(s)? There a couple of pictures of Dancers entering a Powwow on the top of your pages, believed to be banners. They are located on top of the posts and under your menu of: Home,etc. Are they printable? They're are two pictures I'm interested in. One is of the Females believed to entering into arena of Powwow, looks likes my Mom. One picture of the men looks like my Grandfather, I would like to know how to access the page and print the picture, with permission of course.

      Thank you So Much for your time,

      Summerwaters :Wave :indian2:


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        You may try sending a PM to Paul G(super webbie). If anybody can it would be him. Had a problem in the past so tell him which ones you looking for and why.


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