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  • Cannot Log Into Trading Post

    Just to let yall known, I can log into trading post, but once I am there its like I have NOT logged in at all, and I am UNABLE to edit my ads. In fact, I am unable to do anything there.

    This past week, when trying to access that page and the community page, I have recieved an "http:404" error, page not found!

    Thanks once agan for your time and help!

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    Assuming you running Windows, go to control panel into Internet Options. Delete Cookies,Delete Temp Files and Clear History. Then on board go to user cp and to edit options on left. At bottom click reset field.Also make sure you have all your Windows updates all up current.


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      I am running Win 98 SE, and I have tried all of the above, however when I click reset options in the user CP, it won't even move or work.

      Dont know what else to do, but any help would be greatly appreciated!


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        try it now, it should be working now.


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