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Need help here with my CD burner

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  • Need help here with my CD burner

    Ok, I don't know if I can put this here, but I have a CD burner, We used to burn CD's all the time, now It won't burn anything. I've tried the different speeds but still nothing it just closes out. Any one know anything about what might be wrong?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Have you tried reinstalling the software? Are there any firmware updates for it on the company website? Does it at least read CD's?

    Another option would be to pop it out and throw it in another box and see if it still doesn't work.

    The good news is if it is still not functioning burners are real cheap these days. On the web site you can get a decent dvd-r/rw for under $60.
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      I can still put music on the computer, ripping them, but it wont burn, I am stumped, my younger son burned alot of cd's then all of a sudden they would'nt burn anymore.


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        Will it read a CD ?Will it play an audio cd?? Assuming you have run a CD cleaner CD thru it to clean the lens you might try reinstalling the software.If it still doesn't work then it time for a new burner.


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