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  • Resizing Pictures

    I have like 70 some pics from GON and I need to resize them to upload into the gallery. The only way I know how to do this is edit each picture in Paint individually, and that will take way too long. Anyone know a quicker way??

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    I use photo bucket its almost idiot proof real easy to pick your size click and your done

    me and paint don't get along too well

    you can upload all your pics then just click on each one to resize no waiting and you can have several albums

    good luck


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      Use Google's Picasa! It's free and you can download it to your computer.

      Here is some info and a link to download:
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        Thanks for the heads up on Picasa, I read the FAQs and it looks good. I'll try resizing the pics when I'm home later tonight, and hopefully I will be able to upload them to the Gallery soon!

        Also thanks Dweick- I never realized you could resize pictures on photobucket. I'll def use that in the future for posting ones on myspace.


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