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    I have pre-paid Verizon and LOVE it!! I've had more people quite their contracts and go pre-paid through Verizon ... and no I don't work for them!

    We consider our pre-pay REAL Cell Phones, so does Verizon .....

    My husband works on a towboat on the Mississippi River, he gets better coveridge than several of the guys with contracts (who ever they have) not only that, but we can do one month at a time, or every other month! If you buy a $50 dollar card good for two monthes it gives you bonus night and weekend minutes, that I still have two years later! Cell to Cell (Verizon) is nearly non-existant too!( I hope you know I mean that it's costless? nearly free?)

    No complaints from this house! We live WAY out in the boonies, sprint, Att, Cingular do not work .... but we can use our Verizon right here in the house! We have 5 phones-2 Nokias- 2 Star Teks- and one Kyocera .... happy with them all, so we don't have internet capabilities ...... who cares, we don't! I can send a txt message to hubby when he has his phone off, and he'll call later, or send a message back! I can even txt message from the computer to his phone!

    One of my cousins today just showed me his new toy, a computer phone! It looks like something James Bond had in one of his movies, but he can check all his e-mails on it, do some webpaging, and whatever else he wants, only $300 and $60 a month for the service ...... nice, but we arn't that desparte here!
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      I'm still confused looking at all the different plans... the one I saw said unlimited free long distance on weekends and nights but then it sounds like I would be charged so much per minute.. I thought free was free :Thinking Oh.. it said free roaming too so I know that wasn't it.

      When we went to Winnebago Powwow one of the guys had his cell... Nokia... on the rez it said "No Service". We had to go to Sioux City (or should I say Lakota City :taunting: ) to be able to call. Go figure!
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        Unless you get a Satalite phone (big bucks) you will have no service holes where ever you go .... no matter what service you have ....

        There are times my Nokia will say No service, but one of the Star Teks will have service, and once no one but my daughter with her 3 yr old Kyocera had service .... go figure!

        We just cheated for my husband since he works on the metal boat, in the metal engine room .... we bought an antenna for him! Upped his signal better than what the Pilot house gets with the Star Tek Business phone! They had to come to him to make calls back to the Operations a couple times!

        We just like that there are NO contracts, NO monthly bills if we don't want to shell out the whole $15 bucks per phone (which are not all due at the same time thank goodness). Too many of the guys on the boat complain of $200 and up phone bills every month! My Hubby and I talk nearly every night, and I can guarentee that we certainly don't talk that much! I spend maybe on an avg for his phone alone $30 every other month! Mine gets used the most so every now and then I buy a bigger card. Otherwise I will spend about $15 a month ... just so I'm not putting more money out at one time! PLUS that way my daughter can go down and mow Granny's yard every week and make enough to keep her phone up on her own .... can't do that with a contract phone!
        Your Heart Shows by how Your Words and Actions Affect Others.

        Nah I ain't NO WANNABE! I don't gotta wannabe when people wannabe like me!


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          I totally agree! Prepaid Verizon is the best. But now I have a contract phone thru Verizon and I'm just dreading the bills.

          Tsiniti, how do you send text messages from the computer. I'm texting all the time and it sure sucks typing on those little phones.
 is what it is...


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            My T-mobile contract is over and I canceled it today. After shopping around, I felt there were only 3 choices: Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. They offer the largest calling areas, and the prices were the same after the ins & outs of it all. They use the same lines/sattelites, to cover a larger area. I know virizon is good (had it in the past), but I choice Sprint b/c they also gave my home phone, 50 minutes (each month) of long distance service free. Since I live in a very small town, and every place I call is long helps. ;)

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              oh cool. I got a call from Sprint saying they had a better service plan than what i was currently on but for the same price. and yippie i get the ol Jobby job discount so its only like $44/mo and I use it way more than my home phone... geez the only reason i have a home phone is for my DSL.... too bad i can't get cable at my place.

              oh yea it was 600 anytime rather than 500.
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                Originally posted by Mato Winyan
                I'm looking to get cell phones... I put it off after I found out a couple of years ago there was no service in my area. Now that I am in the market... what do I want to look for?

                I need free roaming and as much free long distance as I can get.
                Hey Bear,
                Don't know if you are still looking for a cell phone. I found that this site had a lot of good inforation about phones, providers and everything you will need to know for your area. Good Luck and let me know how it goes for you. By the way when I had Verizon's I never heard that guy asking in my area "Can you hear me now?" So I dump them and thanks to that site I got a good provider!
                Wireless Advisor Website
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                  Be wary of the extra bells and whistles. An acquantance of our family recently got a new cell phone that takes photos. He said it was a ripoff; theres no cover for the lens, and you can not connect the phone to a computer or photo machine at a store for prints. You have to email the photos to yourself and buy prints that way. He said by the time he got prints, it cost him well over 50 cents for each one.


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