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    What's your operating sysytem and what browser do you use ?

    Operating Systems include Windows 95,98,98SE,ME,XP Home or Professional, Linux, McIntosh, ec?>

    Browsers Include Internet Explorer,Netscape, Opera, etc.

    What you like best about what you running and what do you want to do to improve it ?

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    I have a laptop and it uses WindowsXP. Our computer at home uses WindowsME but I am planning to upgrade to XP.

    IE6.0 is installed on both PC's.

    I am not really interested in trying to find ways to improve it. Just as long as I am able to surf the net and besides, Microsoft always sends updates.
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      I have WINXP at work and home
      IE 6.0 on both computers
      and sometimes I use Netscape 7.0 at work.

      I dont care about improving it. It all works great.

      sometimes when i use Netscape to browse this site tho... i see a red row in the table here on
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        We use Windows XP, IE 6.0. and use SBC/Yahoo DSL. We upgraded the memory. Man I love our computer now. WE had ME and I hated it!!!!!!!!
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          At home we run XP on one and 98se on the other. We use 98 still because XP is not compatible with all my kid's games and other hardware.

          For surfing, we use Internet I mean Explorer.
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            98SE is great for supporing a lot of things and whole lot better than 95, old 98 or ME.Seems like they came out with ME a little to fast and maybe had a few to many bugs they couldn't get out real good. XP Professional does have it's adantages in some areas.


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              Yeah, XP is pretty smart. I like the way it auto detects network settings and auto installs to be able to run things like ISP sharing, file sharing, etc.

              At my place of work, not too many work stations use XP yet due to incompatibility issues. Most people here use Windows 2000.
              It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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                I use win98 second edition. Its been about the best I've used so far. But I guess 98, millenium, XP and everyother one isn't much more stable then the next. I currently use IE and NetScape for my browsers. I mostly use IE to do the surfing and all the other junk and then I use NetScape for different databases that I have to use to run a network. I think the crypting and databases are much more stable and easier to work with than using IE. The only time I really use linux is when I am working within a server. Its basicly the easiest to use, which is good seeing as you can't really use any microsoft or NT to access the database with. So no one is really able to hack into it unless they have a fair knowledge of using linux and how to control or navigate through a server.
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