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    Does anyone here rip dvd's?

    If you do, do you have any suggestions for an easy comprehensive software to use. I have a software package for ripping, but it makes you go through several steps to rip. I just want to pop in my dvd, tell it to rip, and walk away.
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    Hey friend, here's the deal...I know nothing about this really. I don't have a DVD Burner/player on my PC yet, so I can't tell you personally what I use (Cause I don't). However, I looked around for you, and talked to a few people. A friend of mine recemended some software, I can't assure you its easy, or what not, but you can try it out.

    1st DVD Ripper is easy-to-use DVD copying and ripping software. You can copy DVDs to DIVX, AVI, MPEG1, or MPEG2 files. You can rip an entire DVD or just part of it or by chapters. Everything starts with one click. A powerful wizard will help you to complete conversions in several steps. Now with a useful skin builder, 1st DVD Ripper lets you build your own DVD Ripper. The latest version supports DivX 5.05 and has better AVI settings.

    Name of the program of course is 1st DVD Ripper. This is the publishers Discription from You can get a trial version there to see if you like it, and to boot, the full version is only 35 bucks. Check it out, if it doesn't suit your needs, let me know, and i'll try to find somthin better for ya :D

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