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  • XP don't die

    lol, I'm mid reformat right the moment, trying to roll back to 2000 Pro, however, XP doesn't seem to want to die

    I've taken care of the problem though, and as soon as im done on the board, I shall go and get the format over with. Just thought I'd let everyone know though, that Windows XP don't Die :)

    Goretex Designz

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    I feel your pain man. I had XP at home. It took me a few tries to fully eradicate it.
    It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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      geeez...XP isn't so bad.

      Have you updated to XP SP-1?
      Yep, she's pretty Greazy


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        XP is a decent OS, no doubt. I however like to change OS's alot, just to check others out. I got my hands on two OS's, one I have played with, and one I haven't.

        1. Windows 2000 Pro I love this OS, its quick, and never ever crashes (For me at least).

        2. Windows XP Pro Corporate Final edition (Never used it, but would like to try it out)

        Right now I run Windows XP Pro (Regular with all current updates, plus the tweaq tools I use with it).

        Goretex Designz


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          I gave XP Pro Corp a test drive, unless your running a big buisness, all it does is take up extra space on your PC.

          I just got formated, ran into a few problems I had to deal with, I am now running Windows 2000 Pro and loving it :D

          Goretex Designz


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            XP Professional

            I just got this software at my office. Problem is the other folks don't have it and I had major problems with an Access database that we all use; so much so that they had to uninstall the XP Access and load the older version of Access. Now I can't export reports in Excel format. Also, I get attachments via email from folks who are non-XP users or Corel users and I can't open them when I could before. What a pain! I try and edit pictures, crop them and it wants to open them in Paint and I can't get them to crop. Faster yes, but not very friendly.


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              Now if ya want to really get down, set that darn thing to dual boot with Windows and Linux Red Hat.:D :D

              Hello spiritwoman,long time no see on board.


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                Hello back, Ghostrider. Thanks for making me feel welcome. It has been some time. I just needed to go off and get grounded...and get my head on straight. Glad to see you are watching that BP etc. I've frequently wondered how you and yours were doing. Take care.


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                  why the hell kill XP off? it and 98 SE best 2 that Microsoft has out to date. And yea, that damn dual booting can be a blast if you got everything working right man:D :devil

                  :e11: Thanks for noticing me!

                  Live Long and Prosper! :43:


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