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    Uhhh... could you guys help us cyberly challenged people out here? You know.. like have some special ed classes?

    What are the basics we need... what do we NEED to learn and how can we do it? You know.. that kind of stuff. ;) :p
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    Trial and error.....Ya gotta try, mess up, and try again.

    As for stuff you can try, depends on what your wanting to do. Let me know what your tryin to do, be it games, Programming, Picture editing, whatever...and I'll give ya some ideas on stuff to play with :D

    Goretex Designz


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      Now I have a lot of training but in the beginning I was basically self-taught on computers - from a lot of trial and error - you gotta be willing to explore and to mess up - just remember the "undo" button - it still is my best friend!


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        Now not that I trying to cause trouble here, but GrayWolf with Mato ya gotta keep it simple:D (I'm feeling the need to be bad again:D )

        Seriously figure out what you trying to do or want to do and ask.


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          Well I mean, if Ya wanna learn to Program, the best idea I got is to get yourself Visual Basic 6, and some faq's/instructions for it (You can download the instructions and such from kazaa, or look at faq's on VB help websites), and spend about 8 hours a day making the worst looking programs in the world, until you finally get it down, and get good.

          If your looking to do Photo Editing, my advice would be Adobe Photoshop 7...this is what I use..a very cool program, pretty simple to learn.

          If your just looking for stuff to make your Online experience easier, look at my "Programs" list, and if that don't help, give me some specs on what your looking to do, and then I can give ya more advice than this.

          PS. Ghostrider, be good or else Ima have to pay you a visit :devil

          Goretex Designz


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            Like GrayWolf or Ghostrider said, either trial and error, or ask. Have taught computer literacy classes and use a couple of reference books I picked up at book stores( 1 is called windows for dummies). Even the books can be a little confusing if you not that computer friendly yet.Patience is a key factor in getting the hang of computers.


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