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  • WalMartConnect

    Yes friends, WlaMart Connect, for those of you that haven't heard. Get the free CD at Walmart and get online for $9.95 a month. Course it don't have all the frills of AOL or earthlink, but
    what the hell, it still gets you online. Couple of us been trying it, and am getting just as good connections on dial up as on the major more expensive services, and in about a 2 to 3 hour period have gotten 1 ad related to server. Gotta say it beating the pants off most everything else out there from what we can see.

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    hmm, beats the PANTS off eh??? lol :devil


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      I use Wal-Mart Connect at home also. I gotta say too, that it does beat the pants off of the other dial up pay services. I always get a connection of 45000 or higher, and I only get booted maybe once a month if even that.

      Have you noticed that it is really AOL with Wal Marts sticker on it? Similar setup, similar look and feel, same dial up numbers, and same user database.

      I am very satisfied with this ISP.
      It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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        yep, wmconnect is nofrills aol to the core, but what the hell. 9.95 a month, and with a v92 modem can get hook up speeds up to 115k:D Only problem I had was kept getting messages to reload software. talked at their tech support people who sent out a cd which was an upgrade to newer version which eliminated that problem. :D

        :e11: Thanks for noticing me!

        Live Long and Prosper! :43:


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          I had Walmart connect, and indeed it was "OK". However, I don't like it all that much. The interface wasn't colorful enough for my taste....Not to mention that it is a complete AOL rip-off, with less options. I know that AOL, and WMC are in cahoots or what not, but they could have atleast done some programing themselves, instead of ripping off AOL 4.0, and taking the color away!

          All in all, for a "Cheap" service, it's decent I guess, however for me personally, I will stick with AOL until somthing better comes along.

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            I just use Wal Mart connect to hook up. I minimize the program and surf with IE. This is why it works so good for me. I don't need the frills, I just want to surf. Kind of like the Netzero commercial, why pay more to connect to the same internet.

            It is a AOL ripoff though.

            One of neighbors has it and was downloading a file from Kazaa and held a download rate of 25 kbs for 15 minutes over dial up connection.
            It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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              learned something recently about dialup, not only with WalMart Connect, but others. Replaced a few fhone/fax modems with the newer V92 modems. Getting better hookups than with the older V90's. Mind you, not DSL or Cable Modem speeds, but an improvement.


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                far out. maybe an uprade is in order.

                but as soon as I get some bills taken care of I plan on going satellite. the stupid phone company has stated many times that they will not upgrade to digital lines out here.
                It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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