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  • Messiah Knight
    Have you tried using Photoshop to edit the pic. Don't edit though, just tone down the file size a little. I've had to do that with several pics I have made from my cam.

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  • bwhite
    Thanks Ghostrider. I'll try the scanner method. I took the pictures with a digital camera. Maybe the resolution was set to high. I may try to retake the pictures using less resolution. Would that decrease the file size?

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  • ghostrider
    Guest replied
    you got a scanner ? some scanner programs will shrink or enlarge

    If not and all else goes screwy. email to me and I can shrink and send back to you. Either that or print, take to local copy machine and should be able to make smaller, then rescan and go from there

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  • bwhite
    started a topic File sizes of pics

    File sizes of pics

    Alright, I need help.:( I've been trying to post some pics, both attached to a reply in a thread as well as upload to the gallery. Each time I got a message saying my pics exceeded the size limit. I've got them saved as JPEG files in Adobe. Is there a way I can resize them so they will fit?:BadPC:

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  • walela49
    Somebody HELP ME post pics!!!!!
    by walela49
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  • eap7
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