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MCI Local Service?

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  • MCI Local Service?

    Has anyone tried it or switched over for thier local service?

    I made the switch about 2 weeks ago. The deal is $59.99 per month and includes free long distance, caller id, call waiting, voicemail and more.

    You can check your voicemail online. It also has a feature that allows you have to have your calls forwarded to your cell phone and then to another phone.
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    We have an MCI Local service here called "The Neighborhood". It's local, with long distance option. They have all that, but our basic plan, which is Regular, Long Distance, and Collect Calling enabled, we pay like 17 bucks a month for it, not including long distnace, and collect call charges.

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      But we did switch to the Verizon Freedom plan - just like your cell free long distance. Plus, it is is unlimited all day everyday and you have all your extra's like, voicemail, caller id, etc.
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        i was hoping to get cable modem in my place and get rid of my phone but Comcast doesn't offer it. wahhh!!! so now i have to pay for a phone just so i can have DSL.
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          Got 2 words for MCI and they XXX Rated. Took them over 2 weeks to "try" and get me connected to them- finally give em what for, and went with somebody else, who had me switched fairly quick.


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            You just have bad luck red

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