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Good Free Antivirus for Vista?

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  • Good Free Antivirus for Vista?

    Is there such a thing? If you know of one, please share! is what it is...

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    AGV? Looks like a good one so far. is what it is...


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      In my job, I go into alot of homes. One of my responsibilites is to make sure of internet connectivity to the computer. I see many computers running AVG and spybot. Me, I just too paranoid and run Zone Alarm ISS.

      Not sure what comes with free Anti spyware/virus programs, but my opinion is they have some kind of tracking cookies attached to the download. I know other techs at work who run AVG and they're happy with it.

      Good luck.

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        Thanks for the info. We love SpyBot here at our school and even started donating to them since we use it on all our computers. I wish it was centrally controlled or had an autoupdate feature, but it works great and has saved many systems from spyware infections.

        I hope AGV is as good. I just googled " good free antivirus " , it was the first to come up and read reviews on forums until I was kinda sure it was for real.

        I'll check out Zone Alarm cuz I never heard of that one. is what it is...


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          i use Avira Antivir, works well for me


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            I have used AVG for about 5 years or so and I have not had a problem with it and its free
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     is what it is...


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                I use AVG and ZA as well and they both work great, but thing to remember ZA is useless if you don't have it configured properly. The funny thing is that I've never had a computer virus, trojan or any of that other stuff on my computer.
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