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  • resizing custom avatar...

    ohkay i've tried to resize a pic i'd like to use as my avatar..but no matter how small i make says its too do i resize so that it will fit??
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    Re: resizing custom avatar...

    Originally posted by wannabeUrNo1Snag
    ohkay i've tried to resize a pic i'd like to use as my avatar..but no matter how small i make says its too do i resize so that it will fit??
    What kind of program are you using to resize it? you may try resizing the pixels, and keeping it to I think 75k or under. It might be a flaw or bug in the system, so you could let the webmaster know about the problems you are using.


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      If you like - I can give it a try and do the re-size for you - PM me your email addy and I'll tell ya where to send the pic.


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        :Wave All! I'm fairly new here. If anyone could/would be so kind as to help me resize my AV properly, I surely would be grateful! Thanks in advance!

        Summerwaters :Wave :indian2:


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          I'll be reading this thread.

          I am old here and I still can't resize pictures I make a mess!

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            resizing avatar

            I use paint shop pro to resize my pictures! Its makes thems smaller but they dont go all blurry like they do when ya use paint!
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              How to resize a custom avatar ?

              I use Phooshop Elements, to flatten the image then resize in to the 125 X 125 Pixel size! It works quite well. If need help email me tha original pic and I will give it a shot.

              Remember if it is a very detailed pic that you loose a bit of it when downsizing!
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