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Somebody had asked how to make a custom ringtone, here is a website that's free!!

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  • Somebody had asked how to make a custom ringtone, here is a website that's free!!

    All you have to do is upload the song or sound/sounds file from your computer files (will take a very long time but well worth the wait) and then after it uploads completely you can make a start and stop point and even change the volume level then you can save it as different file formats (worked for my old wing and works right now with my 2g & 3g iphones)

    If you need anymore help feel free to hit me up, here is the website link:

    Free MP3 to Ringtone Converter - Create Free MP3 Ringtones from your own MP3's


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    There are plenty of sites like that, but I think Mobile17 | Make your own Ringtones & Wallpapers! is a more well known and easier one to use.

    At least that's what I use. ;)


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