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Yahoooo Log off on your computer~ Then on to ANOTHER?!

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  • Yahoooo Log off on your computer~ Then on to ANOTHER?!

    Does any one else ever get a message stating:

    "You have been logged off at this computer and logged in on another computer" on your Yahoo account? This has happened to me 4 times already?!

    Does that mean that some one else has my password here at work or the computer nerd is downloading my stuff?

    I'm scared!! :Scared
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    that used to happen to me at work cuz when i installed it to a computer it automatically logged my name and password and when they changed computers and took my old one. when some1 else logged in on the old puter it would log them in as me and kick me off.
    try changin ur password

    hope this helps:D
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      Plus, if you have your puter set up to automatically log in at start up and then you log in again it comes up with that message. That was happening with me on AOL when I signed on with my new ISP.
      Becky B.


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        No, I don't have automatic sign in. I have to double click on the icon then sign in.

        This is also the only computer that I have always used since getting a Yahoo account.


        Well thanks for the suggestions any way!! :flowers:
        If there ain't soccer in heaven ~ I ain't going!!


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          yea change your password! :)
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            same thing happens to me and i changed my password Twice
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