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Is LAN the same as Ethernet?

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    I guess NO

    The LAN ports on your router are intended to be plugged with Ethernet cables (there are usually 4 of them), which will give connection to the devices plugged at the other end.

    However, make sure you don't confuse them with the WAN port, since it has a different purpose and won't provide a connection.


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      In most cases yes, both of the cable types you mentioned use RJ-45 connectors so they most likely will be interchangeable. You can use them without any major concern and you will be fine.

      I am speculating here but assuming that you are referring to cables behind a modem, router, or Ethernet switch.

      The only issues I could you running into would be inconsistency in your network cabling (cat5, cat6) slowing down your network communication speeds. However if your devices (router, modem, switch) are intelligent they can adjust in a small household environment.

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        Originally posted by Toolbox View Post
        I can only imagine what a central office looks like.
        A 1920 Central Office, 1930, 1940, 1955, up to 1986, 1990 or today?

        LOL, up to 1986 depending on the area supported; up to several hundred meters of racks for incoming lines, the same for patchfields, a ball of the size of a ballroom for rotary lifting selectors (system 1925) or Precious metal rotary motor selector system 1955v including the racks for the connecting lines between the rooms.

        In 1986 you suddenly needed only a quarter of the size for the hardware but you didn't spare any room cause the air conditioning system took up the saved space. There was no air conditioning before 1986.

        LOL,nowadays I have not seen but most likely even more cramped than back in the seventies. LOL, even smaller components needing ever larger air conditioning; may be.

        I have only seen a local sub central office supporting of two subnets of 10.000 users each in the 80ties.

        LOL, I can tell you about the pb accumulator in the cellar of the Central Office in Bremen about 1983. LOL, than almost a hundred years old. LOL, an Olympic swimming pool.
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