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    Some of you are having trouble getting the LiveStream feed to load on your computers so I have listed here some tips here that may be of help.

    First and foremost, you MUST have a high speed connection. That means dial-up and ISDN connections will not work. If you have DSL, Cable, or Fiber or you are on the network at your job you should have no problems at all on the speed side. As for Satellite connections you may experience some minor problems as they typically have high "ping" times so you may experience some intermittent issues with the stream starting and stopping on you.

    Secondly update your Flash! We use LiveStream as our CDN and their player relies on Adobe Flash in order to work correctly. to get flash simply:
    • Go to
    • Make sure you uncheck the box for "McAfee Security Scan Plus". It's junk and bloatware.
    • Follow the steps to install the update
    • Exit your browser completely. MAC OSX users don't forget to to "Quit" the program as clicking the red "x" bubble doesn't close your browser.

    If those don't work, try another browser. I use Firefox and it works fine here but I also keep it up to date. You should also be able to use Internet Explorer as well. Users or Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari, Opera, etc; may experience issues as those browsers are not as compatible as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    If you are still having problems you may want to make sure you don't have any viruses or malware... do a virus scan.
    CERN may have discovered the Higgs Boson but...

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