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    I am having a question. When I try to go to any page on including my private messages or any other pages, most often advertisings keep popping up occupying the whole screen and no way to click them off. They want me to either install a picture viewer or java update in order to view pages here. But everthing is updated and the hosts who want me to download that software don't look familiar to me.

    My question is, how can it be stopped receiving those adverts and does anyone else has this problem as well? Any helpfull answer's appreciated.

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    Is your firewall up-to-date? Is your mal-ware software up-to-date? When was the last time you ran Disk Cleanup (Accessories/Disk Cleanup)? How many cookies are you packin'? Are you performing your computer maintenance once a week or never?
    Start with these and give us some feedback.


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      As far as I know - my PC is up-to-date with protection. I checked it. Had anti-virus run, nothing found. But the all-over-screen popup-window keeps to continue but only on no other website. It keeps saying if I want to view pages here I should install java - and sometimes say I should download something else, forgot what it was. But here is the main part of one of the links the popup is sent from
      Just now another popup came, this is new... something for
      a gaming site.
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        After testing Wardancers suggestion of adblocking software, I want to thank him here officially, it works great. Got no ads anymore. Woohoo! Thanks for your help [MENTION=527]wardancer[/MENTION]


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