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MAC OS 7.6 - Should I get one?

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  • MAC OS 7.6 - Should I get one?

    They are available for Menominee children. However, is it so very old that it won't be worth it or compatible with anything or is it a good deal? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: MAC OS 7.6 - Should I get one?

    Originally posted by Awful_Mnom_Woman
    They are available for Menominee children. However, is it so very old that it won't be worth it or compatible with anything or is it a good deal? Any input would be appreciated.
    Do you have the option or do you know if you are able to upgrade??


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      I like Macs, so I would say if it's free go for it! I have a Mac OS X and I love it, they are excellent machines. Get it just to see what it can do, if it's free it can't hurt. I don't think that I would buy one if it was that old though. :)


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        hell, herpies are free, but don't mean I want em:D

        Seriously now on a Mac, few things to remember here:
        1.) how old this bad boy
        2.) updateable ? and at what cost ?
        3.) what is available to run on that particular piece of equipment?
        4.) and last but not least, if you gonna get online with it, what is it's clock speed and memory?
        Anything less than 64 mb ram and 200 mhz clock speed(and those are slow)you'd probably pull you're hair and,cuss, cry and take up serious drinking:D :D


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          I LOVE Macs and have worked with them for 12 years now.
          OS 7.6 came on LCIII's on up to the 520's, 575's, and 630 models we have. You could upgrade to OS 8.5 but they'd probably run faster with the OS they already have.

          Don't expect them to get on the Internet, but there are so many good games for kids that I think they'd be worth it. Better than nothing anyway.

          The LCIII's with the separate monitors are kind of a pain (and no CD), and in fact most of our monitors have since broken down. The All-In-One models are cool, like the 500 series and SO EASY to set up.

          They're easy to network together to copy files and programs. Ask them to give you a copy of the operating system software.

          Let me know if you get them, I might have some 'stuff' to share.
 is what it is...


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