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  • Microsoft Updates...Comments?

    Since this is for tech related topics, I thought I would post this from a newsgroup I am a member of. It is from the SANS (Systems Administration and Network Security) Institite... Any comments on the state of Microsoft's way of patching their faulty systems?

    --Three Critical Microsoft Vulnerabilities Patched
    Microsoft Corp. released the second installment of its now monthly
    security bulletins, patching three software holes in Windows systems
    that it said were "critical" security risks and a fourth problem with
    Microsoft Office that the company rated "important."

    Computerworld covers a range of technology topics, with a focus on these core areas of IT: Windows, Mobile, Apple/enterprise, Office and productivity suites, collaboration, web browsers and blockchain, as well as relevant information about companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google.

    [Editor's Note (Paller): As I read today's news stories about
    Microsoft's new patches, what stood out most was the lack of outrage by
    the reporters. Microsoft's PR people must be cheering. By moving to
    monthly release of new patches, they have made bad programming
    announcements so regular that the press is giving them a free pass.
    These patches fix one, or many programming errors made by Microsoft's
    vaunted software development team. The errors are there because that
    team didn't adequately check its code. Hundreds of thousands or
    millions of people will not install the patches, because it still takes
    work and expertise on the part of users. Hackers will write worms that
    take over those unprotected machines and use them to steal information
    or attack others. Some of those attacks will be low and slow so you'll
    never know your systems were compromised or by whom. That's the bottom
    line on Microsoft's patch announcements.]

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    problem here is it don't matter if you run Windows, Linux or a Mac OS- you got viruses and worms hitting cyber space all the time written by all kinds of people. Also it unavoidable that whatever
    OS you running, the OS is only as good as the person/people
    writing it, and it hard to find any perfect,infalable people who don't make mistakes. Lucky thing is, that as soon as the OS
    manufactures realize something is screwy, at least they can provide a fix.And if computer is properly set up Windows automatically updates,or should where you don't have to do a lot of searching, or be a computer genius trying to check gfor updates.


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      I agree. But with Windows automatic updates, not all updates are necessary but they would be updated anyway. I prefer to manually go to the Windows update site at least once a week and see what updates are available. If there are critical updates that need to be downloaded, I will download them and install them.

      It is getting tougher since most hackers and virus creators are starting to target all OS's not just Windows now.


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        but you can pick and choose your updates. When you are presented with the list of critical updates you can unselect what you don't want.
        It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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          true. but I assumed that with the automated update process (where the computer automatically installs the updates) it happens without any user input. that is why I would rather go to Windows update and pick and choose the updates. I may have not been clear earlier.


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