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  • Getting Bumped Offline?

    Does get annoying when ya on dial up, now don't it?:D However been playing with a program that I was told about by a server of all people. Put 1 on dialup and installed this and been letting it run for 2 to 3 days now. Haven't been bumped off once,since installing it, and on dialup previously was getting bumped several times a day.
    It seems to work on dialup with AOL, wmconnect.netzero, juno
    and a few others that we have tested it on so far. Of course not everybody gonna get same results, depending on several things but if you getting bumped a lot ,and especially if you do a lot of downloading check it out. Can't guarantee your results but so far it seems to be doing good.
    Now to get this to work, ya gotta fo 3 things:
    1.)make sure you got winzip,winace or winrar installed on your puter. You can always get a free trial download if you need to.
    get the program-this is a freebie:D Save to my documents for downloading purposes.Works well with all Windows including XP as we have seen.
    3.) After downloading go to My Documents and double click om anti icon. When box comes up to unzip, clear destination cox and type in exactly like this, including caps and spaces:
    C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

    Hope you enjoy and it helps you if you having a problem with bump offs. Make sure you read documentation that downloads with this. Only 2 things really to watch is if you defragment or install other software after installing this is to right click, then defrag on install software and then reboot computer

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